A little ebaY customer service nightmare anecdote worth highlighting. Snippet of the nitty-gritty.

(bold emphasis mine, screenshot opens in new tab or window)

ebaY Lies: because 'it is easier that way'

… 1. could not get any pictures to load,called customer service and was told no one can up-load pic,s at the time.
i asked when it would be fixed and was told 1 to 30 days.
so now i am told i cant list for 1 to 30 days tell they fix it.

2. next day i tried to up-load and no go, called customer svc and was told there was never a picture problem, i asked them to look at my past calls and shure enough there was a record of my call yesterday with customer svc telling me no one can load pictures.
i asked the representive why she lied to me and was told it is easier that way.
when a company tells me it is easier to lie to there customers so we would not be up-set it is not a good feeling. …

How do you trust this outfit?

Update 03-22-2013:

Not surprisingly, that post was censored/removed in record time. It was also documented here in it’s entirety. WE have the full page screencapture should anyone wish to see it.