Looks like the ebaY community just got demoted. New front page version removes direct link, makes users go on a wild goose chase to find it.

It seems members will have to click on “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” then “EBAY UNIVERSITY” and then you get the link “COMMUNITY” at the top of the page.

Not exactly high visibility, eh?


Golly gee…. why would ebaY do that? Don’t they want people to be able to find their very own social media gathering spot? Maybe they’re trying to protect users from live phishing links?

Maybe  they don’t want people reading or participating in any discussions about the software glitch meltdown which reamed over 9000 users and wreaked untold havoc?

Maybe they don’t want people to read about how their customer service lies, or see how quick they delete criticism and/or reports of failed, lackwit customer service, while leaving things like the above mentioned live phishing links up for hours or days?

Maybe they’re just tweaking? ;p

As with many of the spastic recent changes, this may be some Beta thing. ymmv

Also, I can’t let these things go by without comment. Note that top banner. “Where deals get realplus ça change… oh yeah, ebay is still widely known for all it’s real deals alright.

And that “Always Free Shipping” part. I think someone could use a little lesson in non-deceptive claims.