I happened to see this in ebay news search results, however by the time I did, ebaY had pulled the listing.

Since the article at themoscowtimes.com didn’t include an image I thought I would share this,  retrieved from google’s cache. The original article states 53 bids to the amount of $100,000. Here it shows 37 bids and to $14,980.00

click the image for larger view in new tab or window

ebay listing country Russia item # 121086344712

The listing description read:

Russia (from the Greek. Ρωσία – Russ , officially the Russian Federation or Russia , in practice a reduction of the RF) – a country in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The population in 2012 is 143 million people, the area – 17,098,246 km ² . Ranked first in the world in area and ninth largest in terms of population.

This is right up there with the infamous Golden Gate Bridge auction. Ebay has become the laughingstock of the world. Let us rejoice in this knowledge, comrades.

Hey Russia, are you reading? On behalf of the United States, we’ll give you ebaY for free! But you have to haul it away yourself, and it’s not housebroken. ;p