We’re not in Kansas anymore, maybe closer to the land of Oz as the situation is looking very peculiar. Brooms are standing straight up all by themselves, and I think ebaY hopes to sweep the First Glitch of Springtime episode away quietly.

One of the things uncovered was the existence of hidden listings. Hidden listings? Why, oh why would ebaY have a mechanism, apparatus or the need to hide listings? Why might they be making some type of live testing, changes or adjustments etc regarding the hiding of listings?

People list items and pay (or are given free listings which are represented to be the same as those paid for) to have listings shown, not hidden, aren’t they?

If flying monkeys could talk or type, they may tell you the hidden listings are completely unrelated to any talk or even the very existence of Rolling Blackouts. Who knows, we may see Ruby Slippers and Munchkins next?  I don’t even think we could rule out a house falling from right out of the sky onto a witch. Something to ponder, along with whether ebaY has a brain. a heart or courage.

Now on to the recovery and cleanup effort. It seems ebaY has generously agreed to credit some affected sellers with what appears to be very scrimpy, if not insulting or laughable amounts.

At least one such seller has found a way to improve upon that, stating that ebaY is going to give him/her 2 free months!

Imagine that! Ebay will again treat people unequally and keep it on the hush-hush. Does that seem highly professional? Does that  seem fair?

Call them! Let them know that your real losses far exceed the scant settlement they are offering. Wait times may be as low as 696 minutes!


Onto the next event, storms pummeled Paypal, and it was down for the count most all last night and today. Complaints were found on all the usual places, and paypal was glad to let folks know how sorry they were for the inconvenience, and to clean their cache and cookies, even restart the router. Tamebay noticed the outage early on, as evidenced by their screencapture of the chart at downrightnow.  Whoo00o-wheeeeee! There was no official announcement that I saw.

It doesn’t look like the storm has fully passed yet. This is fresh as I post this, showing service down.

click chart to go to the paypal status page at downrightnow.com.
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possible_service_trouble_paypal_downrightnow 20130328_173450

Some Paypal users lamented of not being able to send or receive funds, sign in, conduct whatever biz, and at least one screeencapture of internal server error. I’m sure cleaning cookies helps that doesn’t it? Luckily, If you happen to sell 10 cent trinkets with local pickup, your ventures were not affected. Just as well, since PayPal [still] looks to be very badly infected with trojans and malware and drive-bys Oh my!

Fortunately as well, above the Emerald City where the big ebaY investor day thingy was occurring this very day, the skies were sunny and bright. No executive money counting or recreational activities were disrupted.

Just another day in ebay land…