horror_of_paypalIt looks like another good ol’ fashioned glitch for ebay and Paypal users.

Starting as long as about a month ago Paypal users are experiencing an ebaY checkout glitch which disallows the use of  members’ safest and most preferred (or is that loved?) payment method, the credit card.

Update: be sure to see the comments.

Why is Paypal eCheck my only payment option_glitch

The complaints have been and are still rolling in to this day. It seems as if PayPal’s ‘official’ staff is not well up to date regarding the tech issues which plague it, as affected members are receiving conflicting information, compounded  by lack of any corporate or PR statement, a perennial condition at Paypal.

Here’s a very recent complaint from the supposed member to member Paypal help forum at ebaY:

 Apr 1, 2013 10:27 PM
Today I was trying to pay for an item I won with PayPal.  I could not switch the payment source FROM my backup checking account, TO a credit card that I do have on file with paypal as my card. Usually I can select my credit card to be charged. The listing itself shows that it accepts Paypal and has the credit card logos in the listing. I will try again tomorrow to pay with my credit card using PayPal.

Thanks for looking at it, PayPal techs.

As you can see, apparently Paypal doesn’t even do such a good job informing their users where to receive real service or information, and the helpers are not particularly helpful.

Anyone familiar with ebaY and paypal knows that new policies often first manifest themselves as seemingly random glitches, where differing explanations are given as to why what how etc they occur, then suddenly ala-kazzaam! Presto!

I can’t help but wonder whether this hasn’t got something to do with the recent news that Mastercard is charging Paypal some sort of fees? PayPal would not be subject to those if payments are made via members’ bank accounts. Nevermind that your protections are lessened, Paypal doesn’t care about that, or you. They’re after your money.

Affected users have options. First, you can wait for the glitch to be resolved.  Second you can cancel the sale and go make your purchase on some venue where checkout works as it is supposed to. Or just skip ebaY to begin with if you haven’t been snagged yet.

I suppose one could even file complaints with the FTC, or their credit card company since Paypal is flying credit card logos as payment choices, then not fulfilling the offer. You are not obligated to complete any purchase where the terms are misrepresented.

If you read the threads linked to above you’ll soon understand that dealing with ebay and Paypal can be like falling into a void where normal reason and logic does not exist, but where mumbo-jumbo and doubletalk rules.

Keep in mind that an e-check takes longer to process as Paypal likes to protect your funds longer than any other service we know of. Save yourself some time and aggravation.

If you look around this blog and the web I’m quite certain you will find other very compelling reasons to avoid Paypal and ebaY like a vile disease.