Just spotted this:

As a seller, you can now hook into the power of social media right from your eBay profile. Link to your Facebook fan or profile page, and embed YouTube videos. Plus, buyers see a larger profile image and larger images of items you’re selling.”

One more small failure for ebay, one epic laughing facepalm for the interwebz

I can’t even keep a straight face. Oh my, this one is as bad as it gets. My brain is on reboot from the hilarity.

I guess things like “ebaY Now” and whatever the last big gimmick weren’t enough, or lame enough, or didn’t fail fast enough?

One thing I didn’t see was any catchy name. Maybe they’ll call it Facebutton? How about MyLikes? Ebaked?

Ebay isn’t exactly a social site.

Disputes and anti-social behavior rule the day there. Not just from the users, but from the people who run it.



Can something be extinct before it's even born or created?

Where do these types of things keep coming from? Strange beasties they are, in an even stranger landscape.










The Genesis of Lameness and Failure

Are they created, hatched in the Garden? hmmm. head scratching moment…












ebay braintrust committeeBy a committee?

Do they evolve? Do they first ooze and then slither from some Donahovian swamp?









snake oil pitchman

Ah yes,  slither… that’s it… hmmm… slither, to move with with a sinuous motion…

Insinuate, as in to interject yourself, with sinuous or serpentine motion…

No one wants or needs ebaY to be trying to worm in between you and your [friends] trading or business partners, especially where they are not wanted, needed, or have any business to begin with.

Snakes…. snake oil…. criticism… What forbids us to tell the truth while laughing? yeah, now we’re getting somewhere, kind of.  Still need caffeine.

This is hardly the stuff of cutting edge concepts here… will they be stealing someone’s patent? Or borrowing? Leasing? Oh my, I’m back on reboot.

Whatever… I’m sure there’s plenty of yes men types who will hail this birth as some sort of miracle, giving glowing toadies to Donahoe. Ebay will send press releases to the usual rubber stamp reporters…


Ebay may claim to have a lot of world class, MBA or PHD types but they sure have a lot of learning to do. And there’s still no way to ever take them seriously.