I’m having a hard time digesting  this.

(for obvious reasons I don’t want to link this. Should you feel the need to look at the actual page(s) reconstruct the url by removing the extra spaces)

Start at http:// dprk.xopie. com/ , select item, proceed to checkout.

You’ll see it yourself.  Click for larger view in  new tab or window.

PayPal, Most Loved in North Korea

I’m simply stunned in amazement as thoughts of wikileaks, the Anonymous “Paypal 14”, The Regretsy Kids and a further litany of sleazy, lowlife misdeeds come to mind.

We can’t nuke Paypal. We can’t execute it. We can’t give it some show trial. We can’t steal it’s money. We can’t give it 15 years in prison for flipping the digital bird.

But we can starve it. And make the world laugh at it.

Who’s with me?

PS: here’s the prequel. <— Please note, sarcasm.