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SACRAMENTO, CA – The FBI said a Sacramento-based shoplifting crew stole more than 17,000 items from retailers over the past four years and sold the merchandise on eBay for more than $3 million.

The long-running criminal enterprise came to light last fall when an REI employee noticed dozens of items stolen from REI listed for sale by a single eBay seller.

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eBay Feedback Profile for jyoung1007_20130411_640c

The video shows this shooting star level seller, jyoung1007 (10612) rated 99.4%. Now NARU, or Not A Registered User. Their feedback page shows activity right up until April 9th 2013.  On both feedback received and left.

Also of note is that it wasn’t ebay who caught them; it was the merchandise owners, REI. I also can’t let that avatar go by without comment. A monkey could drive this train indeed! (click thumbnail to enlarge in new tab or window)

At toolhaus.org you can see item titles and complaints going back to 2007

So much for those sophisticated proactive systems… Despite the constant spin,  there’s also been lots of turning going on during the ol’ turnaround, eh? ;p