From Reuters:

eBay Inc spokeswoman Kari Ramirez said the company “does not allow listings that graphically portray, glorify or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering,” and that the company was “deeply saddened by the Boston tragedy.”

ebaY search, by newly listed for 2013 Boston Marathon Medal, fresh as I compose this post

2013 Boston Marathon medal_ebay_eBay_newly_listed_20130418_460

Does it appear that once again ebaY says one thing, and does quite another?

If things like this bother you, Boycott ebaY and Paypal! Persuade others to do the same! Spread the word. I’ve coined a new term to describe this type of thing in the ebaY context btw: terrorabilia. It has also been called murderabilia. Also morbidobilia

I’ll try not to turn this into a rant. It’s truly disgusting beyond words!

Recently Devin Wenig was quoted saying they didn’t need the money. I doubt very seriously that was a true statement either, but let’s just play along, shall we? If ebaY doesn’t need the money, then maybe they are allowing these items because they are simply sick and enjoy seeing the world get outraged? I’m not sure how many other major malfunctions there could be, or what they might be?

The interwebs are on fire over this issue, with articles from every major news entity I can think of. See how many on twitter.

This is one of the most sleazy ebaY episodes ever, rivaling when the Space Shuttle blew up way back when and ebaYers went hog-wild to prove to the world what inconsiderate and insensitive [you fill in the blank] they were/are by selling/attempting to sell the crash debris as well as public domain NASA images.

One last thing here, ebaY aren’t they only lowlifes exploiting this. Be extra careful examining anything purported to relate to this issue. As malwarebytes points out, other scammers are already hot on the case.

My advice: If you’re using Firefox browser, use NoScript to block iframes, only allow active scripting, javascript and java on sites you trust, and only when you need it. Do not download any extra video codecs etc. Do not open any email attachments regarding this. Before clicking any shortlinks, verify their destination with something like or any number of greasemonkeys scripts, extensions etc.

I’m outta words here…