Got a chuckle out of this:

The Marketplace Fairness Coalition, a group of businesses from around the country, said that eBay was armed with “inaccurate comments” as it fought the bill.

I’m sure anyone familiar with ebaY (and Paypal) knows they have a long history and reputation of being less than truthful, when they even bother opening their mouth, and that they must believe they are above the law; not to be held to the same standards as the rest of the world.  This episode is no different.

They must have crunched all the numbers on this, and I do believe they are worried.


But Donahoe’s logic is flawed. He wants to protect small business by screwing the brick & mortar ones while internet sellers skate. He wants to protect small businesses by upping the threshold so that big business is included. What a Bainbrain!

His statements regarding the protection of small sellers is laughable, absolutely contrary to his actions during his entire tenure as CEO so far. Ask any small American ebaY seller, former or active.


I’m also wondering how much of the buzz against the Marketplace Fairness Act we’re seeing on various social media sites is or might be fake and/or manufactured by ebaY’s PR appendages, at least one of which has a core value of ‘protecting against risky content’, and who’s  stated policy is to lie? Yes, I mean Astroturfing. It is an industry standard for both web companies and the political world.


Skipping straight down to the bottom, and one more time:


The bill and its $1 million exemption, the group said, “would exempt over 99% of all online sellers from any collection or remittance requirement and, of course, eliminate any distant concern about audits.”

Do you really believe this tax act will be harmful to small American business and/or ebaY sellers?


Do you believe that ebaY would go to the ends of the earth, truth and decency be damned, in order to satisfy their own designs, above that of the Nation?