Wow! auctionbytes/ecommercebytes posting shows a very stunning quote by John Donahoe regarding how items are presented via the controversial search and finding project Cassini, which has been bamboozling shareholders and disappointing users since October 2010.   (edit <—link deprecated, see here)

…   Donahoe said eBay was testing how it exposes listings in search results. “We’re testing a new user to eBay that’s never been to eBay should when they show up we only show them fixed price, brand new items from top-rated sellers. It’s a more familiar commerce experience and then as they learn eBay they get the wider experience,…”

That’s just the beginning… click through and read it and the article they link to fully. Oh my!

If someone were looking for a way to drive their Mom/Pop, and casual auction sellers (and buyers) away, I think they found it.

It smells awful funny, (like other recent ebaY-centric events) but may prove to be highly entertaining.  ;p