OnceeBay_Seller_Information_Center_How_To_Sell_Success_Stories_20130623_460 again, we can’t let this go by without pointing (& laughing.)

From ebaY’s “Seller Success Stories”…

Mike Cristofani Accountant, Collector

As someone who used to collect Beatles memorabilia, Transformers, GoBots, and G.I. Joe action figures, Mike appreciates being able to sell his collections to people who will enjoy them. Just by selling on eBay, Mike now has more space in his garage, which is perfect for his brand-new truck.



Apparently this guy does a little posing for stock image companies too.

Man Sitting On Tailgate Of Truck Royalty-free Image | Getty Images Suomi | 86520487

Man sitting on tailgate. PDU-1734466 © Palladium

Here’s the image url from the ebaY seller success page. Run it yourself on TinEye.

I hope this clears up a thing or two about ebaY seller success stories.

And don’t forget: for every failing ebaY seller who quits, there are dozens, no make that millions, yeah, millions more people waiting to take their place. ;p