Updated, 06-25-2013:

Ebay forums are down or otherwise unreachable . Users may be redirected to liveworld.com maintenance page, or be unable to access at all. Scroll down to the comments for more info.


Ebay.com main site finally makes an announcement regarding their forums.

Highlights include:

  • A new “ask a question” feature
  • The ability for you to give kudos to other users’ posts
  • When you ask a question, you’ll be able to see when an answer is posted, and then “Accept the Solution” if you think the answer is a good one. Every time you accept a solution, you help other members who may have the same question find their answer even faster.

eBay Changes to Community forums_20130624_460They also link to the New Community Experience forum and show mock-ups on the eBay Community Forum Update page.

I can’t help but wonder how much will really be changing? Take a look what’s behind the sleazy pink curtain.

My prediction: Still a troll, shill,  and astroturfer filled, censored and rigged waste of time.