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Stuff by eBayEverything you bought online, in one place is out in Beta.

Apparently came online (or perhaps from secret or ‘by invitation’ Beta to public beta) back in/around April 2013.

The service asks you to submit your email account(s) and passwords, so they can bot scan your email accounts to extract data / records about all your purchases, both on ebaY and off.

Anyone considering using the service may want to take more than a casual glance at the Terms of Service, and FAQ.

Now for the entertainment portion; where we ask the question: Just what demographic segment are they trying to attract? LoLz!


Published on Apr 22, 2013
Finally, an easy way to organize all your online purchase receipts. By linking your email, Stuff by eBay centralizes all of your online purchase receipts and return policies in one place. You’ll be amazed at what you find! Stuff will even help you save money by notifying you of price drops! Since Stuff can only extract receipts from your email account, your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Try it out at and never stress about organizing your online purchases again.