Before you watch this epic example of why never to use ebaY or Paypal,  understand that ebaY & Paypal are swarming with fake, hacked & stealth accounts, black markets, tutorials, etc. Eaten alive with fraud. Feedback, longevity, etc are all meaningless in such an environment. Ebay/Paypal policies permit, indeed encourage and profit from this type of thing.  This type of thing can happen to you. Does that seem like a safe place for selling, buying, nor even surfing?

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Published on May 17, 2013

Paypal just allowed my business to be robbed of 3500 dollars and $3500 worth of product making it a $7000 swing out of my business by a robber that disputed the quality of the product I sent him, Pay Pal decided he could return the product and they would return money. We actually called PP, spoke with reps on multiple occassions, being assured we could not be frauded. The buyer was confirmed.. etc, etc… Well, buyer disputed the product saying some it appeared used and one part didn’t look like the right part. Bear in mind I sent the customer $3500 worth of brandy new Champion Racing full ported aluminum heads, GN1 intake, roller rockers and Accufab throttlebody. PP informed me that the buyer was returning the product and upon me receiving the product, I was to refund him. Well, you all can see what he sent back, as soon as I signed the UPS board, PP was electonically notified, the buyer was instantly refunded his $3500 and I am now out $3500 cash, and $3500 worth of NEW product!! Inspite of what PP told me, and inspite of immediately calling them and getting a rep on the phone. There is more to this drama, it is still being investigated, but the perp has the heads and the money and right now, my PP account is a sham. People need to know, PP does not protect your assets nor do they care. It is obvious where their priority is…