Click to enlarge in new tab or window. Artist's conception: what's that behind the green chroma key screen and the sleazy pink curtain.In this cnbc video interview, ebaY CEO John Donahoe makes a couple rather astounding statements.

Starting at about 1 minute into the interview, Mr. Donahoe is asked:  “Anecdotally, I’ve heard from a couple business owners who say they’ve stopped doing business on the platform because of an increase in seller fees. Are you hearing that blowback too?”,  to which he bluntly replied “No, not at all”

Really? … Does that mean Mr. Donahoe was unaware of the massive, new seller focused  TV ad campaign?

Does that mean he didn’t have any knowledge of the various, neverending promotional offers ebaY has been sending out, such as the ridiculous offer to sell out your friends personal info for $10 each? Is he unaware that even ebaY employees are now in seller recruitment videos? If they aren’t losing sellers, why the monumental and unprecedented efforts?

He goes on to say: “What we’ve done in fact is we’ve dramatically simplified seller fees…” (followed by some buzzphrases), then “Sellers only pay when they actually sell something on eBay, and that’s one of the things that’s distinct and unique.”

Again… really? The statement sidesteps or deflects the question. The word simplified holds no quantitative or numerical qualities. Still, are we expected to believe Mr Donahoe is unaware of the true nature of the simplification or streamlining?

It was a huge increase, on the order of several hundred percent in many cases. Beyond a mere insult and windfall profit grubbing; it is a mathematical impossibility for many sellers of higher priced items to be able to continue.

What about those promotional free listing specials which almost always are glitch ridden, where sellers still get billed?  (or, if lucky, are issued refunds, erm excuse me, credits, for things they never should have been billed for to begin with?) You know, the ones where they change the terms and explanations mid-stream? These are situations distinctively unique to ebaY. The amounts of free listings offered in the glitch-filled promos has risen exponentially btw.

Beyond that, there is no doubt that sellers are getting less quality of service, and, thanks to search engine Cassini, less visibility. The site and service have proven to be quite unreliable.  (PayPal too. – LoL) The site is riddled with glitches, policy and performance issues, some of which have gone uncorrected for literally years.

Why the muddling of the facts? Doesn’t ebay believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people? Is not the opposite also true? If there is a closed and dishonest environment, does it not bring out the worst?

Apparently such cognoscenti elite, in their lofty places have other concerns?