sleazebay: Term commonly used in reference to online auction giant, ebaY. Popular and arguably accurate corruption of the name ebaY. Coined by Forbes; submitted to urbandictionary_com by yours truly. ;pAt EcommerceBytes blog, it appears that once again, ebaY is resorting to sleaze tactics in attempt to control the message.

An individual going under the name of birdieman chimes in with this:

ecommercebytes_ebaY-astroturfer_birdieman_comments_click to enlarge Opens in new tab or windowWed Jul 24 16:18:50 2013
Wow, you are all complaining about being able to leave retaliatory negative feedback for buyers…answer me this, what other Seller, brick and mortar or eCommerce, would actually berate a buyer for being difficult, returning an item, or just browsing  etc.
If this is your hangup, the reason you get neg FB and low DSR’s due to your lack of customer service and YOU deserve the ratings YOU earn. Don’t blame the platform because you cant handle a difficult buyer. @Ming, @Patricia, @Frustrated, quit whining and move on to the next buyer that wants to buy something from you. complaining about a DSR that has been left and wanting to find out who left it…why? the damage has already been done. If you cant move past this point, you will always be the whiner in the background that cant succeed and blames all big business for their lack of being able to run a business.

If you all spent as much time running your business as you do B!#&ing about FB and DSRs, you would probably be pretty successful.

Has anyone looked at selling on another platform? Amazon…where the platform competes with the “small seller” or any other platform where you are a nameless entity.

As both an avid buyer and seller on eBay, the whining that goes on because sellers take their FB too personally and dont look at it as a business. Sellers dont want to take personal responsibility for their own failed business and profound lack of customer service.

Shortly thereafter, David Steiner replies:

Wed Jul 24 16:47:56 2013

Does eBay know that you are using their IP to post on our blog? I suspect they wouldn’t be too happy with an employee posting incognito on EcommerceBytes. Just looking out for you and all…

David Steiner

No word as of the yet the rank, stature or true identity of the commenter birdieman.

Let’s just sum this quickly.

Will there be an apology from ebaY?

Is the the type of outfit you wish to conduct business with?

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