Even while ebaY’s crew of corporate goons attempt to control, divert, steer, suppress or otherwise impede the discussion (or noise as it were), there are qualities about the feedback and DSR policies which are so obvious it seems to have escaped everyone’s attention since day one.

Feedback  (1) Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.    (2)  The modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, e.g., in a biochemical pathway or behavioral response.In the real world, feedback is not a silly site feature or feelgood apparatus. Rather, it is an integral and necessary part of systems and devices. Things that work.

This simplified block diagram illustrates … the basic points, (although the duplex and flip-flop nature of the entire system is not shown.) You’ll notice that the block diagram shows 3 colors, grey, green, and red. (neutral, positive, and negative.)

Any number of filters could be added to this circuit to enhance or improve performance, such as  perhaps a ‘double blind’, time delay or time constant RC network element to prevent the aforementioned flip-flop (retaliatory) effect. The wanton gutting of the ability to leave appropriate reviews is not among any  true, viable enhancements. Another common sense filter which would allow the feedback system to operate as needed/intended would, of course, be to limit the number of ebaY accounts allowed to each member.

Frank Zappa - 'One Size Fits All' album cover artwork clip - 'NG, Don't work!' - Universally obvious failIt’s so very simple, it almost defies explanation, yet it is obvious to even the most casual observer.  Don’t allow the silvery tongues of abusive, dishonest money grubbing types and their flabby, gutless paid corporate cyber-henchmen to tell you otherwise.

In the Bain Brain rigged non-recriprocal feedback model, the green respresents money being wrongly funneled into the pockets of the very people who invented the crooked policies. The red represents the blood of whatever honest sellers were stabbed in the back, while white-collar wonder-boy whispered sweet nothings into their rears.

Meanwhile, in the Bizarro Universe of ebaY, where they must seem to think they are above all laws, even the laws of physics, they have altered transmogrified feedback from a real part of a functioning system, into little more than a veritable racket.

They now use it to extract wallet share, and to paint a rosy picture of a false reality, as well as an implement of destruction. They most certainly do not use it as a dynamic tool/organ, element etc to influence the buyers’/sellers’ behavior towards some form of equilibrium.

By completely removing the possibility of neutral or negative feedback being received by buyers, there is no possible way that the buyers’ behavior can be influenced/corrected.

Allowed to progress far enough, the result is a runaway, out of control, chaotic loop. As exists upon the platform now.

I challenge anyone to similarly modify any feedback system, circuit etc in any system or device they can find, and discover any outcome other than non-functionality, or at best greatly reduced performance.

You’ll notice in the 2nd block diagram that neutral and negative are filtered out by the fraudulent, make believe terms of ebaY’s feedback policy. An example is this:

We don't allow Feedback comments that contain:  ... 'Negative statements left for a buyer that conflict with the positive rating...'

In other words. they are pulling a scam, and forcing you to go along with it.  Yous keepa you mouth shut, or else!

The same or very similar characteristics are found with the DSR ratings; They actually rate a 5 star scale as binary, or on/off, true/false, pass/fail. In application, anything less than 5 is off/false/fail.

Additionally, they disallow you from communicating and/or educating your buyers as to the true nature of the ratings system, and the results/consequences thereof. The ‘secret’ nature of the DSR ratings also figures prominently.

This, my fellows, is crime. Highly organized crime. Plain and simple.

‘Nuff said.

Now ebaY wants to throw their sellers/ community a crumb (or kibbles and bits), by releasing a feedback policy upgrade with the 2013 Fall Seller Release / Update.

Read those bullet points/terms carefully. You may notice there are no actual material changes, only carefully crafted, ambiguous weasel words. Don’t make me parse them for you. It looks like they ripped that right out of the same playbook as the ridiculous, fake and failed Seller Protection plan they’ve been stringing members along with now for literally years.

The feedback update is, at best, tantamount to sawing a smidgeon off a table’s legs (err, make that a stool in ebaY’s case ) one by one hoping to ever make it level again, when it was the foundation, floors and materials of the building unlevel to begin with. Need I say more?

Are you crooked or stupid enough to be on ebaY? Do you have any principles? Do you have any pride? Do you think, feel, and/or believe that your corrupt masters of a rigged site will ever treat you fairly?