Attempting to access the ebaY community forums or Answer center, now powered by Lithium, I see the following:

The Forums Are Closed For Maintenance

The forums are currently undergoing maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please try again later.

The Forums Are Closed For Maintenance_20130805_640c

Seems like an odd time to have unannounced maintenance, doesn’t it? No word whether …it may be a failure, a glitch, a hack job, or whatever…

Maybe they were hammered with more spam?

No mention on the Announcements page.

Looks like an improvement so far. ;p


Seller_Central_eBay_Community_20130805_1845_back_up_640ce1Community/ Forums are back up. It looks like they’ve lost some content going by the times shown for last posts made on the Seller Central bd. Several other forums showed the same issue. Click to enlarge in new tab or window.

Total time down was anywhere around 4 or 5 hrs +

The following has been posted to the main community page:

Update on the Outage

We had a database outage on Monday afternoon. We are currently showing content that was saved during our last backup, and we are now working to recover the content created since that backup. If we’re successful there will be no lost content.

Thank you.