ebaY_Trading_assistant_grim_reaper_240Updated: eBay is, in fact, ending the program, see below

File this under R, for Rumor. rancid, and reaper.

It seems that ebaY may be ending the Trading Assistant Program?

Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who sell other people’s items for a fee. If you want to sell items on eBay, but don’t have the time or the experience, you can work with a Trading Assistant near you.

This could have significant impacts. I’m not sure how that might tie in with ebaY’s recent Seller Assistant program. Last we saw, that wasn’t doing too well.

Straight from the sickly, spam filled rumor-mill it’s self:
eBay Trading Assistant Program ending 9/20/13

08-12-2013 08:27 PM

I am currently on the phone with an eBay employee who informed me that the Trading Assistant Program will end on 9/20/2013. I just signed the licensing agreement the other day & I paid for additional liability insurance & a $25,000 bond that covers all of the terms and conditions under the Trading Assistant Program. I also paid to have a new website made for this business. I am starting to get sick to my stomach. I have been on the phone for more than 30 minutes and feel like throwing up with what I am hearing.

eBay Trading Assistant Program ending 9/20/13

In another [title, sans text] post by the same author, it is mentioned that Paul at eBay just said we will get an email 8/16 of Trading Asst. Program ending 9/20/13

A few searches, along with looking in the obvious spots yields no further info.  That would not be out of line with ebaY’s recent behavior, and typical level of transparency, or lack thereof as it were.

Time will tell. Much like the extermination of the 15,000 sellers, we may hear more funeral bells toll.

Good ol’ reliable, predictable ebaY!


This rumor has been confirmed as true. The Trading Assistant Program will be terminated.

From ecommercebytes, the comedy highlight:

eBay ended its letter to TAs on Tuesday with the following words:
“We appreciate all of our eBay sellers and the work you do in your local communities. Our strategy at eBay is simple: provide our customers the best possible selling and buying experience. We are committed to your success. As new programs and initiatives continue to be developed, eBay will make every effort to find more compelling ways to engage with our sellers.”


The only real surprise is ebaY didn’t patronizingly mention that TAs are still welcome to buy on ebaY. ;p

Chop Chop!!! – Who’s next?