Too late the hero. Lithium time space fail comedy! Call Girls available/optionalI’m not sure whether this might have anything to do with a tear in the time-space continuum? (perhaps caused by Paypal’s Intergalactic Space payments publicity stunt? [a symptom of corporate demise, stage iv])

Or perhaps spaced-out personnel? Or just plain old lack of [purported] expertise in their field? But we sure can’t let this go by without  criticism.

ebaY forums Lithium Moderation service 'time warp' chronological displacement failure is not a Paradox, but a practice. Following the big forums maintenance crash/ data outage failure on August 5, 2013, the Lithium social moderation service is finally restoring lost content. Odd thing is they are replacing it out of it’s chronological order.

How ebaY is that?

The screencapture opens with a larger view in a new tab or window. Some of the ones not underlined in red have been replied to, thus not showing their age/status.

Does that seem sort of second or third rate, low quality service to anyone? (that’s aside from the original failure to begin with)

For those not following along, the ebaY forums (and, yes,  ebaY it’s self) have been fraught with issues since ebaY lost their contract with the former social engineering/moderation service, LiveWorld.

The community/forums have been attacked and filled with call girl or escort service spam ads on a daily or near daily basis. (oops, make that nightly)

Members trying to keep a a safe and clean environment are being mistreated and abused for reporting the problem, or even mentioning the salacious spam.

Great ways to recruit/cultivate those Superfans, not to mention reputation enhancement for both ebaY and Lithium, eh?