The ebaY Grim Reaper is not a supernatural entity, but an inhuman, bot driven, non-thinking small seller killing apparatus. Perfect compliment to the failed, mind reading Cassini search engine.It seems that ebaY has had another small seller purge. The community forums are brimming with reports of sellers who were banned from selling for reasons unknown. It could be for things as trivial as one low DSR score in the last year.

Along with the reports, furious posting by ebaY cheerleader types and many mentions of wild conspiracy theories. You know, just like the ones about the [now exposed and confirmed] hidden listings and rolling blackouts. No official word from ebaY anywhere to be found.

Recently ebay removed the policy compliance feature from the sellers’ dashboard tools, almost as if by magic. Or perhaps clairvoyance? In addition, it seems there may be no appeals process for this issue, so affected sellers will have to call them as many times and as often as need be for whatever information they may seek.

There’s barely been enough time to stop… laughing at some of the other recent ebaY blunders when this comes along…

Ebay again provides the punchline along with each pink slip: “You’re still welcome to buy from us.”

Of course, all honest ebay sellers know to have several fake and/or stealth accounts on hand for just such an emergency. (sarcasm)

It should be an interesting eCommerce Holiday shopping season,  yes?

For those who didn’t get slaughtered this time around, the question is, “Do you feel lucky?”

Every dead body that is not exterminated gets up and kills. The people it kills get up and kill.

[reprise maniacal laughter]