John Pluhowski_Paypal_BML_sock_puppets_200

When the Haggler asked the eBay spokesman John Pluhowski for the name of the PayPal spokesman and the Bill Me Later spokesman, he offered one name: John Pluhowski.


If you haven’t seen enough yet, now from, the Haggler shines a light on a very shady practice by Paypal and Bill Me Later. (Bill Me Later is a part of ebay inc)

Many elements of the report are standard fare for ebaY/ Paypal; buyer fraud via alleged “unauthorized use” of credit card, months beyond the 45 day limit of ebaY rules, the runaround, false statements that Paypal would “dispute the reversal”, the seller being left without the item (computer) and their money, undue stress, ID Theft / fake IDs, failure to adhere to their own policies, unlawful money snatching etc.

Not to mention that proper care was not rendered until there was some major negative PR generated.  (A much revealing pattern of ebay/Paypal behavior which has played out time and again.)

But the one which really sticks out is that ebaY, Paypal and Bill Me Later have one person, John Pluhowski wearing two or three hats. In essence playing sock puppet policy tender. One tentacle of the corporation filed claim against the other. Guess who won and who really loses? How can that even be legal?

Moreover, it’s like another trip through the Looking Glass.

The Haggler has been able to break through the crust of various Paypal issues before, yet it’s too bad that no other bigtime columnists or journalists are willing to take a look at ebay/paypal with a critical eye

The problem with fake Bill Me Later accounts has been in the news a lot more recently. The fake PayPal accounts scenario surpassed the point of surreal long ago. Now it’s a very bad, yet eye-opening joke.

Do you believe you can trust ebaY, Paypal, or Bill Me later?

On the other hand, if you’re a scammer, feel free to scam the living bleep out of anyone you want to. Paypal has your back! (sarcasm)

Odds are we shall see some large PR effort on the part of Paypal in attempt to smooth this over. Ought to be fun to watch. ;p