It seems that the one year or less old “Feed” from ebaY has been absorbed into The New eBay – Follow It. Find It. Make It Yours? The main page has also undergone a facelift. There are many other changes coming. Too many to touch on all of them in one single post.

The very genre of the site is going to be changing, imo. Into a copycat. Some of the less appreciated changes have already begun. Certain visibility/transparency features are being / have been deprecated, such as advanced bidder search, and view completed item details links on feedback pages.

Starting around September or October last year, we began seeing …

This image/link appeared on ebaY's main page on Ocober 13, 2012links on ebaY’s main page, articles and blogs about “The Feed”. They ranged in attitude from glowing toadies to sneers and jeers. In the apple polishing article we do find a few interesting, (and in hindsight, amusing) quotes:

… But it’s actually a big accomplishment that sets eBay up to really bring the site into the future of shopping. …

…Amazingly, the whole redesign took less than a year, from start to finish. …

… In fact, the core work took place over a two-week period, in secret, and far away from eBay’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif.”

… With the project complete, Abraham is leaving eBay while remaining an advisor to Donahoe.”

The Feed appears to have died, or has been trans-reanimated, into the current follow it find it blah blah blah… and in the end re-inflated onto another big fluff, puff, pixiedust and moonbeams PR campaign. Right off the How The Mighty Fall, Stage 4 checklist. In fact, the url given for the Feed [] redirects to a login page now, instead of to the homepage or to the new find it follow it page as one might expect.

Attempts to find a cached or archived page showed either 404 or that they used robots.txt to prevent crawling. Does that seem unusual? lmao. When I visited the site in February 2013, I was met with a bogus browser update message. Judging from the interest in that post, I believe they never corrected that problem. I was able to find screenshots from the waves of articles touting the site.

6 new_collections_found_Twitter-like feature on tab_eBay_20131022_480c Click to enlarge in new tab or windowThe new main page/ New Ebay find it follow it… is about as unoriginal as it could possibly get. It seems to have elements of twitter and pinterest, maybe others too. Clearly they are mimicking the social sites, which is ridiculous.

There are too many reasons to go into why ebaY is not now, and never again shall be a social site.  Couple quick examples: The wanton termination of tens of thousands of small sellers, and what I’m going to call the War Between the Buyers and the Sellers.

As I type this with ebay main page open in another tab, I see the collections found are counting up, much as new tweets show on the tabs at twitter. Also used for collections, curators etc; the Follow button. Ebay ruined a lot of people’s saved searches by changing the format.

I’m not sure how it is that a corporation with such a highly proclaimed Thought Leader has to follow or copy others? Which part of this New ebaY shows World Class Innovation?

There are many other things which could be criticized there. (Poke around a little, you’ll see. LoL) Plenty of time for that later. Perhaps when they redesign the page again in 6 months to a year?

At best, this find it follow it is just another coat of discount paint on a rundown, structurally unsound, unsafe building. Lipstick on a pig.  There are so many functionality and [non] performance issues, glitches etc you can’t keep track of them all, including the obviously failing and wildly unpopular Cassini search engine, and admittedly hidden listings.

Lets’ get back to how this new gimmick is affecting the site’s long standing features, policies, rules; indeed, traditions, and the whole ‘feel’.

On the ebaY forums, a rather uncommon event took place. Ebay sent their employees to answer questions/ give info regarding the new design and how it is related to some of the recent controversial changes. I’m predicting the advanced search by bidder, for certain, shall soon be a thing of the past, despite whatever residual functionality may still exist.

Rather than re-hash it all, here are the links and teasers;

A few questions about eBay changes

(Jeff, ebaY employee)

… I think I can help with some of these.

1. The link to Community: We are doing some testing and the link that had been in the header is not there currently. We are still working through some options, but in the meantime Community is still clickable in the footer as you noted and can always be reached directly at 

2. Completed listings in feedback: There are a number of reasons, but I believe the chief reason is privacy for the buyers. We expect that with the features we’re announcing today (new profile pages, collections, etc.) that there will be more visitors viewing each other’s pages. Buyers may not want to share their past purchases with the general public, so the details on what items were purchased have been made private. As you noted, you can still see your own purchases.

3. The resolution process you described is part of the Buyer Protection program. You can find out more about it here… The case is simply a way for eBay to track the steps you’re taking to resolve the issue so we can help out later on if there continue to be problems. If the seller does not help resolve the case, it could count against them. If they are able to resolve the issue, then the case is removed. Details on this policy can be found here…


(add your own seller protection fiasco jokes here)

Ebay removed the VIEW ITEM links from completed sales feedback???

(melissa-t eBay Employee)

There was actually quite a bit of feedback from users, wanting to hide this information. This is largely why the change was implemented. That research is not something we are going to disclose in detail on the boards, but it does exist. You can still make informed purchase decisions based on their Seller feedback. Researching someone’s buying history isn’t necessary to see past seller activity and make a judgment on trustworthiness.

(Uhm, doesn't ebay already have a private feedback setting option? uh...?)