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Holy Cow! It seems ebaY has either heard the uproar from their community over the recent change to feedback profiles’  view completed item details links, or they are testing another variation on a theme?

Now we see that the view item links and titles are visible, but the bidder/buyer IDs are masked similarly to the way they are for bidders via the longstanding Shilling Made Invisible policy.

random ebay member's feedback profile also shows masked bidders, with view item links intact. Opens in new tab or window for larger viewIn the top example , everyone’s favorite giraffe is featured, but it looks like the same thing on ebaY rank and file feedback profiles as well.

I’m not sure what the big difference is? It’s still a downgrade and a reduction in safety. A denial of features/tools which are quite necessary on ebaY.

No telling what we’ll see next?

ebaY’s new slogan should be “We love to tweak, and it shows.”