How you ask? Simple. It’s stolen.


In the news, from Aspen Colorado, Matthew Dale Long, 38, was arrested early Wednesday and later advised that he faces felony charges of theft between $5,000 and $20,000 and a count of using a computer for purposes of fraud.

The person, who’s ebaY seller name, matt_81647, was disclosed in the article, was said to be abusing his employment position to steal high-end brand name sports related items and apparel. The article goes on to state that Long’s [alleged] thefts went on for a number of years. Not all were sold on ebay, but it appears quite a bit was. Expensive items such as Prada jackets were said (by the accused) to be left in incinerators, while brand new Giant bicycles supposedly were found in the woods.

Once again, it seems the rightful owner of the goods caught/reported the person. Ebay’s advanced technology, or their thousands of dedicated staff  [blah blah…] did not detect the fraud, which, again, went on for years.

How it is that this person escaped the 3 killer waves of recent small seller purges is a mystery. Especially with DSRs as low as 4.5. That is a death sentence on ebaY for most small sellers, even those with 100% feedback. Perhaps ebaY was making a healthy profit which the fallen 10 year+ sellers of flea market type items can’t produce?

This type of thing is standard fare for ebaY. Ebay is the center of a non-stop crimewave, where multi-million dollar retail theft, organized fraud and scam rings, even international smugglers hawk their wares, and from where fraud radiates out in all directions.

eBay_Feedback_Profile_matt_81647How this incident differs a bit is that ebaY (so far) has not NARU‘d the accused person, (Not A Registered User) nor made the items go POOF (yet).  He remains a member in good standing. No doubt he is still welcome to buy there, like the purge victims.

eBay_com_Seller_List_ matt_81647 Click to enlarge in a new tab or windowIf their past behavior is any guide, no doubt they will though. Here’s the seller’s list.  Note the dates they were listed and scheduled to end, and that they did all end abruptly.  The reason shown is “…ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.”,  if you follow the links. Here’s the very last item listed.

Getting down to the bottom of the article, we find a comedy element when the accused made a statement:

I need to get out [of jail] to do damage control and see if I still have a job, see if I can recover from this at all,” he said. “I’m not a flight risk.”

Damage control? Wow, just like the bigshots at ebay’s PR department would do! Ebay sellers share many characteristics with ebaY. More than they care to admit.

Maybe he can start by getting some revenge? Then head straight to get some new fake and/or stealth ebay and paypal accounts? With any luck, he can be selling hundreds of identical tractors by sundown.

Do you feel that ebaY is a good place to shop? How do you feel about shopping on a site where huge amounts of stolen goods are continually discovered on a regular basis?