I don't always drink wine, but when I do, I prefer douchebayLooks like ebaY has been called out again, this time over counterfeit wine labels. The problem apparently has claimed many victims, and the hobby is not inexpensive. Good thing there is a quick and convenient place to find literally thousands of labels to manufacture fake vintage wines with. Crates and bottles are a good bet too.

It’s a tad outside of my expertise or interest I must admit.

Naturally ebaY had a big, fluffly, puffy, so-called defense, PR response… wait for it…

eBay’s extensive anti-fraud measures include the Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO), which allows rights owners to quickly and easily report copyright infringements.

‘eBay promptly investigates each notification and all listings duly reported are removed, and eBay’s global asset protection team cooperates with authorities in investigations, to strengthen the fight against fraud.’

How is it that ebay can micromanage every last piece and part of it’s users’ experience, all the way down to how they may pay or be paid, how much money and/or how many items they can sell, what categories they may sell in, what countries they must sell to, what kind of feedback they are allowed to leave, indeed, whether their items will be even seen or not, and to issue unilateral, arbitrary refunds for transactions they are not a party to, for items they do not own or possess?

That as they collect money from each scamcrime ring, counterfeit item, sickening souvenir, contrived customer service fraud, etc ad nauseum…

Is that “just a venue”? Why should the victims need to police a site which they do not own, nor have any control over, when ebay is doing all the rest of that and deriving profit? [from unlawful activities which should never occur to begin with]

Yet suddenly when they are cited for faulty or irresponsible web-keeping/policing, it’s always the same ol’ song and dance routine? In each incident they always give the spiel after the fact. If they had any proactive or prompt investigations, these things would never occur.

In recent news about the Holocaust items for sale on their site, they claimed to have ‘thousands’ of staff policing the site.

Again… Really?

If all these fake/counterfeit and continual fraud of every shape size and color were happening at any real life venue, with some slumlord property owner giving the same lame and tired old lines, it would have been declared a public nuisance and razed long ago.