jun18qs_eBay_seller_list_2752_completed_listings - The ebaY Deals 'Early Holiday Savings' sidebar ad makes for a nice comic touch.Updated: see below

It seems we’re looking at the fallout of another doozy of a ripoff  underway on the good ol’ Garbage Barge known as sleazebaY, in what perfectly fits the classic profile of the so-called sleeper cell scammers, or the snatch & run scam.

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Briefly, fraudsters exploit ebay’s pitiful policies and sloppy software by signing up multiple accounts, gaming feedback so as to cultivate an appearance of legitimacy/trustworthiness, (both to shoppers and paypal/ebay mystical, maybe mythical software)  mostly with private auctions. Then at some point they spring the trap; list large amounts of items, collect funds, take the money and run. Leaving hundreds, or even thousands of victims in the wake.

You can see the seller is based… in China, has been registered since only September 2012,  used private auctions, and had a sudden turnaround beginning a bit less than a month ago.

ebay seller jun18qs is racking up negatives fast, having accumulated 47 at this moment, but with a whopping 2752 completed listings showing. Most of the complaints cite non-delivery, fake tracking info, no communication etc. The negs were at first a trickle around a month back, then really began pouring in in the last 3-7 days or so. Should be interesting to see how long until ebay NARUs the person, making them ineligible to receive more negs. Maybe they too, will still be allowed to buy? [snicker]

jun18qs_eBay_scam_2752_completed_listings_12112013__480ceThis has the potential to surpass the 836 negative reviews (along with the dollar amount) earned last year by another ebaY seller apparently gone rogue.

You can see the feedback still at Toolhaus.org, but due to ebaY’s latest, headspinning flurry of visibility /transparency reducing changes eg: anonymizing buyer IDs etc, it doesn’t help too much.

Suffice to say ebaY is a much less safe and trustworthy place now. The potential to fraudulently abuse the new sans-transparency feedback system has exponentialized.

One cannot help but wonder if ebaY did not foresee this type of situation? What? …with all their Thought Leader/Daythinkers, PHDs & propeller head types?

Surprisingly, ebaY’s much recently touted advanced software fraud detection technology, along with their trained staff of thousands of experts, nor it’s GuardRail, Trending, Quick Decline (aka the “eBay Grim Reaper“) or any other alleged/semi-secret software could not identify this (and presumably other similar hitherto undiscovered) scam.

It’s important to point out that ebaY’s controversial search engine Cassini likely plays a role here too, for steering unsuspecting consumers right into a scammy situation.

Well, good thing ebaY now has in place their super-dooper new Money Back Guarantee, which they’ve also been tweaking like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the very same Buyer Protection Policy it has been, just with a shiny new name. oooh-wheeee! Fresh lipstick on a pig as it were. Read the entire terms and the User Agreement. (for extra credit, search down their many revisions of the money back guarantee page via cached pages and posted screenshots. It’s truly hilarious.)

Victims should file appropriate forms, complaints etc with ebay and/or Paypal. Jump through whatever hoops they may require to obtain a rapid refund, in full. Accept no ‘credits’, vouchers, ‘ebay bucks’ or otherwise.

If you get the runaround, make noise and lots of it. Ebay hates negative chatter at places like twitter and facebook, along with TV news investigative reports and so on.

Maybe ebaY should just go ahead and change their Money Back Guarantee buzzphrase to something more like “There’s millions of scammers selling imaginary, fake or stolen goods, running wild on our site, but go ahead and buy stuff! We’ve got your back. Really! What have you got to lose?”  ;p


They’ve already NARU‘d him/her. Lightning fast! It’s been anywhere from 4- 6 hours since this post was published. Too bad they most likely have several accounts, so they can just rinse and repeat now.

The last active listing ended on Nov-05-2013. Many, many other scammers went on longer than that before ebaY finally NARU’d them. This case seems to be an oddity in that respect. LoLz

The one main thing now is that we shall never know how many victims there were unless there is some type of uproar on the interwebs. No more victims will be able to leave warnings or feedback.

That alone seems like being cheated. A user pays for the right to leave appropriate feedback. That is what is advertized and expected, not being cheated and muzzled.