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Just happened to take another look at the negative feedback received by ebaY’s cherished seller, toysrus

They have an excruciatingly low 97.7% feedback rating, along with (at the moment) 104 negative reviews, and 55 neutrals, in the past 30 days. Those are what’s known as “Bad Buying Experiences” or BBE on ebaY. They have somewhere in the range of 3000 total BBEs in the past year.

Opens in new tab or window for larger view. eBay Feedback Profile for toysrus_13112013_commentsAlso very telling is the nature of the complaints. A great many state that items are being sold which they do not have or posses, or are out of stock.



Sent wrong item twice and then states that the item is not availble. [sic]

Order refunded, no explanation, yet seller keeps selling same item.

sent wrong item twice and then said this is no longer available to purchase!!!

Sold product they didn’t have.

Don’t list an item if you can’t fulfill the order.

(^ and on and on and on… )

That is a violation of ebaY’s own Product availability policy.

Selling practices policy_13112013_ce

When buyers bid on or purchase an item on eBay, they should feel confident that the item is available and will be delivered in a timely manner.

What to do
You must ensure the items you’re offering are in stock for the duration of the listing and are delivered to the buyer, unless the buyer doesn’t meet the terms of your listing.

For multi-quantity listings, make sure you have ready access to all the items you’re offering. For pre-sale listings, make sure you’ll have ready access to all items on the release date.

If you run into an inventory problem that’s beyond your control, you’re still responsible for letting the buyer know when the item will be available or issuing a refund for the full amount immediately.
What not to do

You’re not allowed to:

  • List an item that may be out of stock at the time of purchase.

  • List an item that you’re simultaneously selling outside of eBay.

  • Offer an item that may not be what’s delivered to the buyer.

  • Offer an inflated number of items in a multi-quantity listing.


It would also seem that the overall dollar amounts being dealt are no small potatoes either. How much interest might there be from the ‘float’ when selling items you do not possess? Both/either for the vendor and ebaY’s controversial Paypal service?

Recently, tens of thousands of seller with profiles far superior to this have been purged. There has been at least 3 very noticeable waves of purges now, mostly small American Mom & Pop sellers. As a parting shot, they were informed that they are still allowed the privilege of buying on ebay.

Just to point out ebaY’s disgusting hypocrisy. No one expects ebaY to live up to anything resembling fair and equal treatment, level playing field etc. For an extra laugh, have a look at the Marketplace Policy Tutorial

From a practical standpoint: if you are shopping, avoid ToysRUs, especially on ebaY. Avoid ebaY altogether. Persuade others to do likewise. Otherwise it may well end up being nothing more than a way to waste your time and tie up your money.

That is aside from the very real possibility of buying stolen items, getting ripped off altogether, or supporting some organized crime ring etc, or even having listings from smaller, more honest, real people (as opposed to sleazy corporations trying to pass as ‘people’, on a site where people are “noise”) deliberately  hidden from you.

If you were an ebay purge victim and had a better feedback profile than this highlighted seller, and other ebaY Diamond Darlings, we’d like to hear about it in the comments, and see more about this in general all across the web.

If you’re a Toys R Us ebaY buyer who got their time wasted due to product availability violations, sound off too. You get more than 80 characters here.


Internet Archive Wayback Machine toysrus feedback archiving/caching blocked_by_robots_txtChecking at the Internet Archives Wayback Machine, I discovered that ebaY  seems to have blocked toysrus feedback from being archived or cached with robots.txt. Does that seem unusual? Why would (or should) they do that?