This might be fun to watch.

 1999 Ford Expedition XLT Sport Utility 4-Door 5.4L Sarah Palin City of Wasilla Mayor's Vehicle 1999-2002

Surplus City of Wasilla vehicle purchased new in 1999 for Mayor Sarah Palin offical use, needs new brakes, wheel seals, and idle control valve.

Will Sarah Palin‘s notoriety, along with ebaY’s reputation for sports bidding and wrecked high profile auction listings, coupled with the recent uptick in hacked accounts, even by LoL hackers on buying sprees, and possibly related to long uncorrected xsrf flaws all combine to place this ad in the crosshairs?

Does ebaY have a Very Lacerated And Dangerous User Zone type problem?

What festive follies may await?

Tune in next time, same Bat channel. ;p

PS: Is it just me, or does that main listing image look photoshopped?

Here is an the full sized, larger view. What do you think?