[facepalm; uncontrollable laughter]

Discover the New Ebay Dei imago

Jesus' Toenails Petrified eBay Discover the New ebaY!

Unfortunately it seems ebay has already pulled the listing, along with all the seller’s other auctions, and NARU’d (suspended) him as well!

Thank you for choosing ebaY and Paypal.

Souls; Bought and sold daily.


Uploaded on Apr 7, 2008

This is a painting i produced for my forthcoming “souled” exhibition (i have purchased over 50 human souls through ebay and will be using them as a basis for a show)
the music is one of my garage band classics.


Here’s your bonus link for the day. Scroll down a ways or use CTRL+F for the Paypal comedy element.
When you get done, you might want to visit this one and this one too.

*Faith not required. A sense of humor, and common sense is advised.