The LoLzStorm never stops!Greeting Readers.

Welcome to todays’ ebay related monkey_facepalm moment.

eBay CEO John Donahoe with his much expected rebuttal to the Amazon Prime Air Octocopter drone delivery 60 Minutes piece.

EBay’s Donahoe Calls Product Delivery by Drones a Fantasy

We’re not really focusing on long-term fantasies,” Donahoe said in an interview with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television when she asked if he would be showing her a drone. “We’re working on things that will change consumers’ experiences today.” [more buzzword laden blabber follows at link]

B-b-but what about…..  Paypal Galactic? What was that all about?

Which plan/PR fluff piece/scenario is closer to,  has a higher probability of realization, and more potential, immediate applications?

I’m laughing like a Bezos!

(Here is the 60 minutes Amazon video for those who have not seen it)