Here’s the latest ebaY sales promo to hit folks’ (read: Buyers) email inboxes. Found posted on the ebaY forums.

No Receipt, No problem! Sell it on sleazebay!

ebay's latest promo defies common sense and ebay's own policies

As you can see, this is a recipe for disaster. The very first thing ebaY will want… when a buyer complaint is filed will be proof of authenticity/ purchase/acquisition for the items(s). But feel free to list all your fake designer and brand name widgets and gadgets.Ebay wants you to!

Of course ebaY also normally will allow anyone with … oh say… $580,000 worth of stolen sunglasses, or assorted million dollar plus scams, international smuggling rings, even people with 400 Fake IDs to operate freely. (so long as it’s big money and ebaY gets it’s cut)

Sure, ebaY reads the news and does what they can to bury stuff like the gigantic efencing problem they have, even if it means letting ridiculous things go viral in order to achieve that

This also at a time when as little as one low DSR star rating within the last year will get a seller suspended, so any sellers who have genuine items  and are dumb enough to fall for it may as well compose their own epitaphs, as any buyer knows they can simply file SNAD, and ebay will side with them (and how can they do otherwise when there is no receipt/proof of purchase or assurance of authenticity?)

When all these things clash, (and we know they will,) the result will be a lot of gullible people getting ripped off by sleazebay. It’s a lead-pipe cinch ebaY knows this but they do not care! They are only in it for the money!

Bidness as usual!