The title says it all. After visiting a random blog post about this situation, I clicked on a link, which led to the myworld page for User ID andrewbrei, which in turn led to the feedback page, which is now suddenly ‘private‘.

When I first saw this report I searched for the user ID and got a screencapture of the feedback page to include in a CAPP forum post.

Click to enlarge -opens in a new window or tab

ebay feedback profile for Andrew Breivik

Unless Breivik is able to log into ebay from his jail cell, It seems pretty clear that ebay made that feedback private. What could they be trying to hide?

It strikes me rather odd that ebay sells all sorts of crime supplies, for some very gruesome crimes now, (as noted in the CAPP forum post linked above) but then tries to cover it up or justify it with phrases such as “Just a Venue” etc

Meanwhile they want teenagers  engaged at the periphery of civil disobedience protests to get 15 yrs in prison.

That would also be aside the fact that they profit greatly from crime eg: efencing.

If things like that upset you, send ebay a message. Participate in OpPayPal & OpEbay. Close out your ebay and paypal accounts.



by: NMAWorldEdition

Julian Assange through his Wikileaks website promises greater government transparency. But his document dumps have angered officials around the world.

US Senator Joseph Lieberman has pressured internet companies to withdraw their services from Wikileaks. Rather than protect internet freedom, Amazon and PayPal have willingly complied with US demands.

Assange is the subject of death threats. Some government officials say he should be assassinated. Sarah Palin said he should be hunted down like a terrorist.

Efforts to take down Wikileaks have proven futile, thanks to mirror sites.

Meanwhile, Assange has been arrested in the UK on rape charges. He has vowed to release more documents in a ‘nuclear’ option if arrested or killed.

This wikileaks situation is moving very fast and spiraling out of control.

There is everything from calls for assassination to mentions of arrest warrants and negotiated surrender/interviews by Police in the UK for Mr. Assange.

Internet group Anonymous has joined the cause,  launching Ddos attacks on paypal blog in retaliation for the closure of the wikileaks donations account. Also upon the Swiss Bank, Post Finance website which froze wikileaks funds. There appears to have been some counter-Ddos attacks on the AnonOps site also.

There are widespread calls for Boycotts of PayPal, ebaY and Amazon as well.

Of course, some of these issues are somewhat small compared to the big picture: The contents of the cables; and gawd only knows what results that info leaking may produce… Not to mention the free speech issues at stake.

We are looking at history in the making. This is war. Infowar

This video which I found seems telling despite the uploaders sarcasm.

(upload date 12-06-2010)

“I believe the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world, can hold their own governments accountable, they can begin to think for themselves. I can tell you that in the United States, the fact that we have free internet — or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength, and I think should be encouraged.”

He went on to add (not), “That’s why I defend Wikileaks‘ right to publish documents which my government wants to keep secret so it can avoid being held accountable for all the lies and corruption.”

Over last weekend, November 28, 2010, a rather large ebaY powerseller, pugster888 a TRS (Top Rated Seller)  had their account taken over and anywhere between around 57,000 to 70,000 (or more) fake high-end listings uploaded rapidly. The listings all contained an image of text urging would-be purchasers to contact the ‘seller’ at an off ebaY email address, a familiar MO.

(click the images for full page, reduced size views)

Pure pugster pwnage! ;p

Above: There were many many more listings than this. I did not have time to sit around and watch.

Below: One of the dozens if not hundreds of listings for this particular piano.

Incredible Deals! Brand New! Free Shipping! ebaY Buyer Protection!;p

For those not following along, this sort of thing has happened too many times to recount them all here. Literally for years now. Yet ebaY refers to these events as isolated cases.

Of course the first things which jump right out regarding this time is the stature, feedback level, and longevity of the seller/victim,

Screencaps here show the rate at which these listings were pumped in. Note the amounts of listings inserted per minute, as the search terms are ‘newly listed’, and the search modifiers set to not show the seller’s legit items.

Note the time on the above screencap showing 56,985 fake listings. (7:23 AM)
Here is the scene at 4:51 AM, with 27,833 results/listings.

ebaY is Hacked, cracked, modbotted and zombied! ;p

That’s 29,152 fake listings in high fraud rate categories in about 2 1/2 hours time.

Legit sellers do not have that ability with such items. There is a delay of several hours before items become visible on the site when listing items in certain ‘high fraud’ categories. ebaY at one time touted them as “fraud filters“, the magical new weapon to building site trust and platform safety after our friend Vladuz reamed ebay. That is indicative of “hacking” as opposed to simple “account take over” (ATO) or ‘phishing’.

I’m curious to know whether ebaY would blame them for giving away their passwords? Or accuse pugster888 of falling victim to phishing attacks and getting their database hacked, as ebaY and it’s employees have?

Would the seller/victim admit they fell for a phishing or spearphishing ploy? Is this just another firm indication that the troubles at ebaY are much deeper and darker than most are aware?

I never examined the listings for the presence of any malware or dubious scripting etc, but it would be a reasonable assumption they may have also carried an additional payload of some type. The hackers everywhere are more crafty and sophisticated than ever. The ‘blended threat‘ is more commonplace.

True to their Orwellian form, ebaY’s censors slithered out, and then back into the memory hole, taking with them ebaY forums threads regarding the event. Note the number 70K mentioned.

Finally, there were more victims with very similar listings: shakyahandicraft and 290401 (another TRS) to name a couple.
screencap of 290401 item
screencap of shakyahandicraft seller list

Over at the CAPP forum as well as on youtube, I have a more recent scams/hacking/hijackings and victims documented.

Regardless of whatever ebaY’s Minitrue department may claim, these events and worse are very commonplace.

Does ebaY seem like a safe, trustworthy, and/or honest platform to buy, sell or surf on?

Sometimes you just have to laugh, yes? Sometimes you just can’t stop!

It’s been one heck of a week for Meg Whitman!

Now comes quite a spectacle at everyone’s favorite site for a few quick LOLs,, where former ebaY CEO & controversial California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has apparently been severely pwned, and is being called to the carpet. This video is way better than the avatar video.

Honesty Fail

Some of you have emailed us concerning a political attack video by the Meg Whitman campaign for California governor which features a screenshot of FAIL Blog attacking the other candidate Jerry Brown. We want to make it VERY clear that FAIL Blog nor the Cheezburger Network had any involvement or knowledge of the Whitman campaign use of a screenshot of FAIL Blog. In fact, the screenshot portrayed in the video never existed because the Whitman campaign faked the content within the screenshot. FAIL Blog or the Cheezburger Network has never been involved in any endorsement of any candidate or political party and do not plan to do so.

This is a place for humor, a place to laugh, and to have light-hearted fun poking at each other and what we see in the world. The FAIL Blog community involves liberals, conservatives and everyone across the political spectrum. And we do not endorse the use of FAIL Blog’s image or any content on any of the Cheezburger sites for anyone’s political gain.

We demand a written apology from the Whitman campaign and the removal of the video.


Ben Huh, Founder of the Cheezburger Network

P.S. Jerry Brown, you better not be thinking of using this image or post in your political ad either.

Here is the offending Meg Whitman ad video titled “A Lifetime in Politics, A Legacy Of Failure” on the Meg2010Campaign channel at youtube.  Here is a screencapture of that video in my browser. Here is a close-up with magnifier showing tiny, tiny text which appears to read: “Meredith May, State’s Fake Take-Charge Guy Walks and Talks in Oakland, San Francisco Chronicle 6/3/03″

(Update: I’ve just learned the above mentioned article isn’t even about Jerry Brown, but a school board superintendent. Here it is. I guess I didn’t find that originally because of the embellishment. As you’ll see, the word ‘fake’ is not in the title there.)

Again the source of the screencapture/image in the Meg Whitman video, at around time marker 0:51 to 0:52, represented or purported to be from failblog can’t be located, because it is a complete fabrication.
Here is the obligatory screencapture, since we already know how these embarrassing to Meg Whitman types of things mysteriously go POOF from time to time.

Complete and undeniable OWNAGE! Epic LOLz!

For those of you whom haven’t been following along, Meg has recently come under a firestorm of controversy, after revelations of more bullying and a payoff.  It appears that she lied about the incident, by her own admission. That is only a small fraction of what is going on. Her stability is being questioned.

Her son has also come under public scrutiny for some very serious issues, possibly with payoffs, hush money as well?

tsk tsk tsk….

It is still several months from that election and I get the feeling that we shall be seeing a lot more unflattering things about Meg Whitman and all things surrounding her, past and present, on every last level possible, from media as well as the chattering class everywhere. And rightfully so!

One more thing here. I’m not in California. I couldn’t care less about that state’s politics. However, I am an ebaY critic and these incidents have every bearing and relation to ebaY and it’s spoiled, ugly child Paypal, their histories, and their present sad state of affairs.

People who wish to see the level of lies, censorship, scams, fraud and incompetence that Meg Whitman presided over at ebaY should see my videos and/or blogs, the CAPP forum, even contact me. There is so much I’ve never posted. One last thing, I have my own little Meg video. Have you seen it yet?

oops, people reading this may also like to see this post;

Meg Whitman Election Ad Fail!

where you can see Meg using a former ebayer, a NON-California resident to boot, without her knowledge or consent, to tout her ebaY business ‘acumen’.  The video is part of the MegFail Playlist on youtube btw

Who could imagine?

The long uncorrected xss flaw rears it’s ugly head again!

Auctionbytes reporting that has again discovered listings with the malicious coding, this time with a virus twist.

The most important and telling quote of the article:

“They used javascript and java to address a known vulnerability; user’s computers were affected by just viewing the respective listings,”

See that part about “…just viewing the respective listings…” ?

That is one of the main reasons I advocate avoiding ebaY at all costs. Another is that they BLAME the USER for their own failures! Furthermore, they refuse to correct the flaw! Make no mistake, ebaY is a dangerous, untrustworthy, and dishonest website. Of that there is proof beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt!

ebaY is HACKED! Yes! ebaY is still HACKED!!!

Here is the report, with screencapture images, in English at falle-internet

My research indicates this issue has been onging at ebaY for about 10 full years now. Perhaps not under the same name, but indeed cross-scripting has been exploited on ebaY since before it even had that name. Ebay has been aware of the issue for that long also.  Since looooong before the US-CERT warning was posted. Bear in mind there are many variants of this exploit possible to use. It’s been used also for the redirects, and for cookie-stealing etc. The possibilities are only limited by the hacker’s imagination and ebay’s steadfast refusal to secure it’s festered site

I’ll be posting another video demonstrating the +/- 10 year longevity of the xss flaw on ebaY before long at the Cappnonymous channel

No, Komrades, you may not see OUR papers!

EBay Blocking Discovery In Antitrust Action: Sellers

New York (April 30, 2009) — EBay sellers who filed a putative antitrust class action against the online auction company have claimed the company is blocking access to electronically stored documents by refusing to use certain search terms in querying databases.

The plaintiffs filed a motion Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California asking the judge to order eBay to apply the plaintiff’s proposed search terms…

continues, subscription requred

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