Published on Dec 29, 2013

I wanted to buy this card on Ebay, but this guy is obviously bidding up his own cards. Come on Ebay, when are you gonna stop this nonsense?

jun18qs_eBay_seller_list_2752_completed_listings - The ebaY Deals 'Early Holiday Savings' sidebar ad makes for a nice comic touch.Updated: see below

It seems we’re looking at the fallout of another doozy of a ripoff  underway on the good ol’ Garbage Barge known as sleazebaY, in what perfectly fits the classic profile of the so-called sleeper cell scammers, or the snatch & run scam.

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Briefly, fraudsters exploit ebay’s pitiful policies and sloppy software by signing up multiple accounts, gaming feedback so as to cultivate an appearance of legitimacy/trustworthiness, (both to shoppers and paypal/ebay mystical, maybe mythical software)  mostly with private auctions. Then at some point they spring the trap; list large amounts of items, collect funds, take the money and run. Leaving hundreds, or even thousands of victims in the wake.

You can see the seller is based… (more…)

How you ask? Simple. It’s stolen.

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Published on Sep 16,

eBay are currently vulnerable to XSRF –
allowing any other web site to alter your profile information and
gain access to your account.

Also very noteworthy, (more…)

Even while ebaY’s crew of corporate goons attempt to control, divert, steer, suppress or otherwise impede the discussion (or noise as it were), there are qualities about the feedback and DSR policies which are so obvious it seems to have escaped everyone’s attention since day one.

Feedback  (1) Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement.    (2)  The modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, e.g., in a biochemical pathway or behavioral response.In the real world, feedback is not a silly site feature or feelgood apparatus. Rather, it is an integral and necessary part of systems and devices. Things that work.

This simplified block diagram illustrates … (more…)

ebay fake customer service scam


eBay_Special Offer_200_thousand_items_20130420

ebaY had a big special promo for 200,000 free listings to run from April 20-29. That’s right, two-hundred thousand. Noted in tiny subdued font is the *by invitation only, do not forward… (signifying it was sent via email) followed by more details including this:

The seller’s first 200,000 Auction-style listings will not count toward the 50 free insertion fee listings per calendar month.”


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