I had to laugh when I went to the ebay shop to look into their adherence to eBay Shipping Best Practices (or lack thereof)

I found they wanted a whopping $9.98 to ship an ink pen.  That’s anywhere from at least 2 to at least around 9-10 times the legitimate cost to ship a pen.

But the fun just starts there. They also have a non-encrypted page for you to enter your credit card details and other personal info.

The EbaY Shop Checkout page does not use https protocol

The screencapture shows the complete shipping fees area highlighted in pink since the informations panel covered it partially. The red shows the lack of encryption on their checkout page. Click for a larger view.

Keep up the good work ebay, and thanks for sticking to those “Industry Standards”. ;p

Today we check out crazynydriver show from youtube.

We learn that ebaY buyers are “pricks” and the sellers are getting raped.

Does IT seem like a good spot to buy or sell at?

Update: This video was removed.  Anyone wishing to see it can leave comment and I shall make it available from the Mighty Cappnonymous Archives


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Just another crappy ebaY deal

by MegforMeg

October 04, 2010

Meet Bobblehead Meg! She’s billionaire with an atrocious voting record, a short temper, and a history of shady business deals who’s trying to spend her way into the Governor’s Mansion. Visit http://www.MegForMeg.com to learn more!

Let me introduce you to Bobblehead Meg,
A poor billionaire who’s a real powder keg,
A former CEO who didn’t vote till oh-two,
Listen California she wants to be in charge of you!

Well good ole Meg was born into old money,
Got tired of Boston so she moved somewhere sunny,
Now says California’s always been her home state,
But she’s only lived here since nineteen ninety-eight.

Since she moved in she’s been the head of eBay,
And in that short time a lot of job’s she’s sent away,
Two out of five eBay jobs are overseas,
Wonder if she’ll outsource all the state employees?

So we all know Meg is a very rich lady,
But how she got her dough sometimes seems a bit shady,
Ten years ago when the rules were pretty lax,
She did a sketchy deal with the boys at Goldman Sachs!

Well Meg’s got a house in pretty Telluride,
And she wants to keep her view form each and every side,

She couldn’t buy out her neighbors so she figured out a plan.
Use eminent domain to gobble up the land!

Now Meg’s ego needs a boost so she’ll say anything to win,
So she came up with a scheme to simply buy her way in,
Spent a hundred million dollars just to be on your TV,
But I’m sorry dear old Meg you just don’t work for me!


Use the chords below to write your own verse and post it as a video response, tag it with “megformeg” – have fun!

—- verse —–
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
D, E

—- chorus —–
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
Fm, D, E

Paid for by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association

bonus reading:
Was California’s Bobblehead Election Rigged?

Update 10.05.2010

This video was originally posted at:

www. youtube.com/ watch?v=dvvyetH2uXQ

For whatever reason that was made ‘private’, and re-uploaded as above.

Please tweet and retweet the new url

Governorship of California Goes Up For Bid on ebaY!

by Cappnonymous

Political activists list Governorship of California on ebay. Also the California environment and the Education System.
Featured in the ads are Meg Whitman, controversial California Gubernatorial candidate.

(for best results watch at youtube or expand to fullscreen)

Seen in the video:

Governorship of California



The Public Education System of California



Environment of California



Items for Sale From Member: dontgetmegd

updated screencap; items now indexed:


Feedback profile



Romanian Detained Over eBay Cyber Fraud

Romanian detained over a $3 million cyber fraud against eBay Inc.

Very interesting article from abc news:

Romanian authorities have detained a man suspected of committing cyber fraud worth $3 million against the company eBay Inc.

Organized crime prosecutors say Liviu Mihail Concioiu is being investigated for “phishing” attacks against 3,000 of eBay Inc. employees.

They said Thursday that Concioiu allegedly stole the employees’ IDs and passwords in 2009 and accessed company files, including an application with the data base of eBay clients and their transactions. Concioiu then used “phishing” sites to access the accounts of about 1,200 eBay users.

It would appear the ebay database has been hacked, cracked, and zombied AGAIN.

(or is that still?)

Also notice how the term ‘phishing’ is constantly used.  ebaY doesn’t like the “H” word it seems. But “phishing” alone does not get you access to the files and data described. We call that “HACKING

rotflmao! Who could imagine?

It also tells us that ebay employees must not be too savvy if they are falling for whatever tricks are being used to gain the logins etc.

No mention of any response from ebay.

With IT’s long and repeated history of such events, you should ask yourself whether you trust this unsafe outfit with your personal and financial data?

PayPal fails to follow its own anti-phishing advice

Hilarious! This has been reported and demonstrated over and again. My only conclusion is that PayPal themselves must be behind a good deal of the phishing and attempts thereof.  It’s a Pavlovian thing. (BTW, ebay still does it too.)

What other possible explanation could there be?

If ebaY and PayPal were truly interested in combatting phishing they would send emails with no html, no links etc. No one should know that and be more aware than they.

Here are some highlights from the article posted on September 9 2010 on Helpnet Security

“According to The Register, PayPal UK has violated its own anti-phishing advice when it sent out an email containing a direct link to the updated user agreement to its users, because one of the tips on avoiding phishing scams contained in the quiz says that the users should “always log into PayPal by opening a new browser and typing in the following: https://www.paypal.com.”

PayPal confirmed that the email is legitimate, but points out that it also contains the information that the users can type paypal.co.uk into the browser if they aren’t completely sure that the offered link is safe to click on.

“PayPal does not advise people not to click on links in emails, rather to exercise caution. Users are advised to check the URL of any link to make sure it does not direct them to something unexpected, as you know they can do this by hovering their mouse over the link,” it says in their comment.

Do you trust this outfit with your personal and financial data?

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