image by ebaY auction listing for Auschwitz Jewish concentration camp uniformEbay is facing harsh criticism, and rightfully so after being caught by reporters at, (more…)

ebay reinvents it's self as the world leader for Call Girl and Escort Service spam ads. Elephant in the social media boiler roomThis situation has been ongoing for a long time now, and thus deserves another look. It got very limited attention when ecommercebytes did a blurb about. It did not even get it’s own headline. As with other ebaY issues, it has reached the level of the truly absurd.


This was not a difficult prediction. Given numerous issues as of late, anyone could have seen this coming.

Ebay ran a promotion to Jump-start your holiday listings by invitation only. However, their forums have lit up with complaints by frustrated users whom feel they have been cheated, and that sleazebay is scamming them. Understandably so, this is far, far from the first time such “glitchfraud” has been observed on ebaY.

I advise calling ebaY and demanding a refund. Bear in mind that a refund and a credit are 2 different things.

In addition, users may wish to file complaints with the FTC.  Make sure to cite a pattern of behavior, eg: they have numerous “glitches” which always favors ebaY. Further, they make resolution nearly impossible due to poor customer service. ei: they make people spend unduly lengths of time to have issues corrected. Wait times for customer service run into hours regularly, oftentimes requiring several phone calls to achieve resolution.

Best solution of all may be simply to avoid ebaY. Do not list a thing. It’s common knowledge that their Cassini search engine is hopelessly broken.

They’ve also butchered the wildcard search, making it impossible to find things efficiently.  They claim that .35% of users are draining too many resources, thus the discontinuance. LoL!

Here are some of the complaint threads, followed by an obligatory composite screencapture. (click to enlarge, opens in new tab or window)

eBay offer for Nov,12-14 Free Listing is fake offer eBay charges the money

Free fixed price listing error?

Invitation for free listings still being charged for the third time help!!!

Fixed Price listings free by invitation Nov 12-14

Update: An ebaY pink offers up a reply. (now with updated screencapture, November 18, 2012)

Nov 12, 2012 05:03 PM

I wanted to confirm that we were able to fix the issues many of you noticed early this morning. That fix went active at about 8am Pacific. If you listed eligible items prior to 8am and had listing fees charged, your fees will automatically be credited back to you.



I wonder why they didn’t put anything about that on the announcement board?

Still, I see that ebaY was just stricken with a listings special glitch of a similar nature. That should give everyone a warm cheery feeling, yeh?

“There’s a massive culture change happening at PayPal right now,” Marcus said. “If we suck at something, we now face it, and we do something about it.”

PayPal President David Marcus

It seems Paypal has had their mammalian protuberances stuck in the proverbial wringer once more.

Apparently Paypal tried it’s usual stunts again, this time sparking a blazing Good Riddance blog from small business owner Elliot Jay Stocks. The post also appeared on Hacker News. The negative comments flowed freely at both.

It seems PayPal responded  from the highest office, when their ridiculous and abusive policies were succinctly brought to light and attracted much (arguably well-deserved) negative sentiment.

After some rigamarole  the issue was resolved favorably for the client who’s money was seized, but only, and only because he had inside employee contact, outside the normal channels, and there was noise in the twitterverse which they could not otherwise silence.

At the end of it all Mr. Elliot Jay Stocks decided to close his account anyway.

Well played Sir. ;p

The blog post reads like so many other complaints or rants you’ve already seen if you follow Paypal blunders at all or have been involved with ebay. This type of thing (and worse)  happens each and every day to folks without big blogs and bazillions of followers.

So is Paypal having some sort of change of heart? No. We know they’re not. We know that because we know them.

The best thing to do is to close your account before they screw you too. Close your ebaY account too!

Let’s review what we know about our “Pals”.

Paypal are consummate liars! There is no lie too big or too outrageous for them.

They are thieves. They will literally steal from children, or at least give it a good try. Here’s a great one to remember on this day, 9/11

They are sleazoids! They will support the worst of any cause, no matter what the social impacts, no matter what the risk to the health of our Nation,  no matter how contradictory to their very own stated policies, so long as it’s money in their pockets.

They’ve been freezing accounts via admittedly faulty software. The account freezes/money holds are contrary to States’ Money License Transfer terms in every last state where checked. (Paypal is not a bank,  they only try to act like one, they are a money transfer service,.)

Let’s not forget they are not secure.

There is an epidemic of fake accounts.

They have a further history of kneejerk,  nonsensical or even childish reactions to bad news/PR reports. This is just another one.

Don’t be fooled. They have billion$ of reasons to lie. There is no massive culture change at Paypal. There is only the readily apparent devolution of the same ol’ Preypal. Sleazier  by the day!

Word to PayPal: Don’t forget about the “then” as well as the “now” if you expect to make folks believe you truly intend to clean up your act. Millions of your past or former victims are not going to quit criticizing you or convincing others to not use you.

Frankly, I don’t think that anyone believes Paypal or it’s president’s PR blabber. Then there are those who just plain know better.

There’s a fact they need to face. ;p

What do you know about Paypal? Comments are open.

I see that had their twitter account taken over, defaced and anti-paypal messages posted.

Hacking Paypal: The finest in optional entertainment! ;p image by

Beyond all doubt, this is ownage. Severe ownage! It’s been quite the LoLzstorm!

The hacker has been described as a disgruntled paypal user, although not named anywhere I saw.

In the recent tsunami wave of high-profile hacking and proliferation of various hacking groups, I don’t see any individual or entity coming forward to take credit. Of course, Anonymous means different things to different people I suppose. ;p

The message which I’m receiving though, is that if Paypal can’t keep their twitter account secure, can you really trust them with your money, possibly your livelihood?

The fact also remains that the hacker has valid criticisms. Paypal (as well as parent company ebaY) has been making changes to their user agreement which boggle the mind. One hundred and seventy-four changes since June 2009. Some of the recent ones include provisions for unchecked payment holds for all users, and that the reasons for such holds do not even need to be disclosed to the victim/consumer. Ultra-Hyper- Kafkaesque to say the least.

Paypal is known to make all their profits on the ‘float’ thus giving them every reason to seize for the vaguest (if any) pretext, and hold onto funds as long as possible.

They need to be seriously looked at and regulated like a bank. The sheer amount of funds processed, number of complaints, nature of complaints etc along with the obvious abuse of power and consumer trust demands it

Paypal is also widely known for shoddy customer service, poor security, dishonesty, ‘glitches’, facilitation of fraud… too many things to go into here. The point is that sites like and numerous other anti-Paypal blogs, sites, videos, not to mention lawsuits, etc do not exist because paypal is all that and a bag of chips. I also have another blog, a video channel and a news forum documenting many more PayPal and ebaY issues should anyone care to peruse them. Links are right on the sidebar.

You can see the utter disdain of Paypal in comments, if not the titles of write-ups around the web.

Millions cheered this hack attack!

I see a lot of condemnation of the hacker, yet still I wonder why none of the larger publications and more well-known journalists aren’t looking into paypal’s many mal-practices?

At any rate I’m pretty sure that PP has a great deal of influence over such things being published. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they expend more energy on various PR devices than they do on security and customer service.

I urge any and all readers here to close out your Paypal accounts now, before you too fall victim to this heinous outfit.

Anyone looking for the full sized version of the steaming pile of PayPal can get it here. . . ;p

Update: It’s been hacked again!

ebayitem290576761671480 Now I’ve seen everything! Lunch for eight winners with Julian Assange and Slovenian philosopher,Slavoj Žižek, to benefit Wikileaks auction on ebaY! Payment via Paypal!

This is almost too funny for words!

Gee whiz! Is the Wikileaks/Assange situation looking like a big money grubbing scam to anyone out there?

I notice this isn’t a ‘charity’ auction, with the official missionfish info and the ribbon etc BTW. I’m wondering whether this is an ebaY listing policy violation?

Update 06.29.2011

Ahem…   ^ as I was saying…


This is the end result of disruptive innovation.

get free items ebay

I don’t think the Genie is going back in the bottle.

But don’t worry; ebaY has found a new way to get more “wallet share” from the buyers too, this time via secret experiments with the bidding increments.

Does ebaY really seem like a good place to try and buy or sell at?


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