ebaY Crafty Hackers and iPhone Scams

by Cappnonymous

ebay Hacked! Attack of the 1335 Apple iPhones wareagie

Anyone out there still believe ebay is NOT hacked?

Anyone out there still believe ebay is safe, honest, or trustworthy?

Here is yet another hack attack of immense proportions. 1335 iPhones, all listed with in a matter of a couple minutes or so.
Meet the seller/victim
Seller: wareagie (34)
Feedback: 97.2% Positive
Member: since Aug-28-00 in United States

Meet the hacker’s email address:

Here is just one listing details:
20 – 8GB Apple iPhone- Brand New- Never Used
Item number: 300147916089
Starting time: Sep-03-07 16:34:50 PDT
Starting bid: US $1.00
Duration: 1-day listing

Further documentation of the ongoing massive hack attack upon ebay.
I have screencaps to further document this sad event.




related story/issue:

Apple iPhone ebay Scam Article from digg dot com Resurrected

Also be sure to see the Cappnonymous youtube channel for more shocking documentation of hacker pwnage of ebay. Be sure to expand the descriptions and follow suggested links.

The videos document a clear and consise pattern of troubles, pointing all the way back to the first Vladuz incidents.

Ebay HACKED! Massive Hack Attack 4js2 60K items listed

Hacked! jimmy.cry Attacks ebay & cmptgal1 with Big Balls

Ronny.Scott90 Butchers ebay AGAIN Run Zombies Run

ebay is Hacked! Fake Alienware Auction Babies Not Included

And then, folks…

Boycott ebaY and PayPal

Lastly, I am looking for some input with a new Boycott ebay and Paypal vid.

Please have a look and consider leaving your thoughts and suggestions.

It should be readily apparent to the most casual observers that ebay is not safe, not trustworthy, nor honest, nor will they ever be.

Better is time and money spent “Elsewhere”

Here is a really good example of what I mean. Follow the links back to the yahoo finance ebay message board and see how what appears to be a group of paid shills constantly harass, use “copycat” or look-alike” IDs to deride, belittle, indeed even threaten anyone who dares speak ill of the almighty ebay.

Looks like that may be against the law, it most certainly is sleazy.

We just saw a prime example of such similar activity.

read more | digg story

sleazebay censorship

In the course of conducting a bit of research for something, I referred to my digg.com account. I had posted a link to it here in a post entitled “Looks like the ebay hackers are using PayPal to collect” , at a new consumer rights oriented website forum, Screw-PayPal.com. The article I sought was:


Which pointed here to this.

Lo & behold, it took me to a page which said:

Oops! What youre looking for isn’t here!

Good thing I was able to find that article still on google.

At the moment, it can still be found in the cache.

Here is a screencap of the google search for the article.

Update 09-04-2007

I see that reference , for the exact terms has now completely vanished from google too.

Again, here is the search.


The original article was gone.

But for anyone wishing to see the content, I have here the text and screencaps.

If you want to cut to the quick, here is the page, as full sized screencap png format


Apple iPhone SCAMS alert: eBay “unlocked” iPhone scam, iPhone store scam

Due to the fact that Apple ’s iPhone became a hot selling item, a variety of scams based around it popped up online. Here are two of the most popular ones at the time of writing. eBay “unlocked iPhone” scam – iPhone “online store” scam. While the “iPhone online store” scam is more malicious than the “unlocked iPhone” scam, both of them will hit..

19 days ago
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by willynilly on 07/30/2007

Yeah, I called an eBay guy on this bullshit just the other day.

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by giovanni666 on 07/30/2007

You need to be very careful with the iphone listings (or anything) on ebay. The site is hacked and the scammers are listing fake auctions. It is very well documented. In particular, watch for the misspelling “unloked”

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by drethedog on 07/31/2007

I got scammed from a guy on Ebay last week, he had 180 100% positive feedback, apparently somebody hacked in his account and listed the phone, i used pay pal and the money was sent to someone else, now I’m waiting for pay pal to review my case and I’m down 5 hundos…


Note that the last comment indicates that a consumer sent payment for his/her iPhone via Paypal, and found that the account had been hacked.

The innocent consumer lost 500 dollars.

Clear evidence that the hackers are into Paypal the same way they are into ebaY.

Now, full page screencap of the cached article

(full page screencaps created with FireFox extension “save as image“)

Another screencap, the rest of the over-wide page, taken with MWSnap.

Note the url. Note the time & Date it was cached.

I do not know why, but I notice a lot of things dealing with ebaY / Paypal security and related issues are “evaporating”.

I also get the feeling people reading this may wish to see this hacked iphone video which was removed from Youtube for alleged copyright infringement, by a mysterious, unidentified “3rd party” no less:
ebaY Hacked Live! kcrunchymunch APPLE iPHONE bogus auction

Well I hope everyone has a good chance to see these screencaptures of the compromised account pages:


(if image fails to load, look here: paypalsrupfq0 )








Along with the preserved threads which dealt with the subject:

The infamous “Gephishte Accounts die eBay nicht interessieren” thread, archived as png images: 

Seite 1

(original file loocation was

http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/2875/seite01lz1.png )

original file location was:

Seite 3

Also, the follow-up thread “Gephishte Accounts die eBay nicht interessieren *zensiert*” has been likewise archived:

German language

English translation

(the embedded youtube video you see in the German language screencap is from FireFox browser Greasemonkey extension VideoEmbed Script)

*Thanks to imageshack.us for free photo hosting

**Thanks to tinypic.com for free image hostimg

If they should happen to disappear, I will repost them from here to BFE and back again.

Also, see the related videos at youtube regarding the iPhone scams on ebay, and 3 videos where the massive compromised account problem at Paypal are, along with approximately 80 video documentaries of the hack attack upon ebay.

I just happen to have many more examples of hacked accounts with bogus iPhone listings which I have not uploaded or posted anywhere (yet.) I suppose I will be doing so now though, along with every last bit of information which points to the facts about just how dangerous, unsafe, and untrustworthy ebay/ PayPal is/are.

For more documented horror stories, see the Cappnonymous 2010 Blog

Reported here on the www.engadget.com site:

Safari exploit gives hackers full control over iPhones and possibly PCs and Macs


Here is the meat and potatoes:
“Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators have used the vulnerability to take malicious control of the iPhone from rogue websites loaded with the exploit. Once in, researchers have full administrative access over the phone allowing them to listen in on room audio or snatch the SMS log, address book, call history, email passwords and more — we’re talking full access to your phone. “


Here is a proof of concept video from exploitingiphone.com & youtube member iseiphone :


Exploiting the iPhone




Demonstration of an iPhone exploit developed by the software security group at Independent Security Evaluators.

These people should be congratulated. Knowing that they could have sold the exploit to the highest bidder or anything of that nature, and yet choosing to make the info freely and openly available to the public at large seems the very best thing for all concerned, especially the consumer.



So just another thing to keep in mind when choosing cell phones. Going back to the www.engadget.com article for a second, I see the comment which sums it up best;

“Actually the only way to stay safe is to stay away from that iTurd of a cell phone.”


Nuff said!


For a look at some of the hijacked ebay accounts featuring bogus Apple iPhone listings, see here.


Also, one of the Cappnonymous consumer awareness videos at youtube seems to have gotten linked to somewhere, as a flurry of ratings and comments have come in today. Here it is, should you want to see it yourself or add your own comment.


ebaY Hacked Live! kcrunchymunch APPLE iPHONE bogus auction

Edit/Update. That video was removed from youtube on November 2, 2007, for alleged copyright claims by a 3rd party.

Those wishing to view the original video, comments and description posted on youtube can find it right here

Just a further little note here, ebay seems to love to TRY & make all this disappear, see here for another example of something related to iPhones, ebay, & concealment/censorship of evidence of fraud and consumer risk which nearly hit the “memory hole too.


There are even more iphone/hacked ebay account listings over there.