I’ll try to keep this short and lulzy.  (among so many reasons, and things already said)

1)  Meg lost because she is a cold-blooded monster. We all saw it show through, a few times at least. When she accused Nicky of intercepting her letter from the authorities, knowing full well they, the Whitman-Harsh’s, had received it. When she accused her opponent and Ms Gloria Allred of collusion, without a shred of direct evidence. When she refused to pull her negative attack ads and was booed by 14,000 women. When she wanted to have Nicky deported. I could go on and on.

2 )  Poser/non-voter/n00b Meg’s fake script  was no substitute for the real thing, much  like ebaY is the “Counterfeit Capital of the World”. She simply couldn’t roll with the punches where she could not control and manipulate everything. Those same sleazy tactics don’t work outside of ebaY. Also Meg’s campaign was reminiscent of the Skype deal where she didn’t bother looking at details, such as who was Governor 30 years ago. lol

3 )  A World Class Fool and $140+ million have been parted.

4 ) Meg garnered less even votes than the California proposition to legalize marijuana/cannabis.  (Meg Whitman 3,102,646 votes.  Total for legal marijuana: 3,424,145)  Hilarious!

5 ) People love old hippies, their heritage and longstanding culture.

Thank you California. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em. ;p

For entertainment only.


The best laid schemes o' Monkeys and Megalomaniacs so often go awry...

Record, and claims she doesn’t ‘owe anyone’ broken.

However, polls show her down.

We can only hope she keeps spending. She can afford it. After all she cares so much about her ‘investment’ in California, right?

Don’t have time to dig out the links but I’m pretty sure I saw some speculation that Meg’s own advisors or staff were playing her. Purposely giving her bad advice to keep her spending. Granny warbucks is getting gangked!

Hmm. let’s see… what else? Ahh yes, there was some other comedy.

by MegforMeg

October 04, 2010

Meet Bobblehead Meg! She’s billionaire with an atrocious voting record, a short temper, and a history of shady business deals who’s trying to spend her way into the Governor’s Mansion. Visit to learn more!

Let me introduce you to Bobblehead Meg,
A poor billionaire who’s a real powder keg,
A former CEO who didn’t vote till oh-two,
Listen California she wants to be in charge of you!

Well good ole Meg was born into old money,
Got tired of Boston so she moved somewhere sunny,
Now says California’s always been her home state,
But she’s only lived here since nineteen ninety-eight.

Since she moved in she’s been the head of eBay,
And in that short time a lot of job’s she’s sent away,
Two out of five eBay jobs are overseas,
Wonder if she’ll outsource all the state employees?

So we all know Meg is a very rich lady,
But how she got her dough sometimes seems a bit shady,
Ten years ago when the rules were pretty lax,
She did a sketchy deal with the boys at Goldman Sachs!

Well Meg’s got a house in pretty Telluride,
And she wants to keep her view form each and every side,

She couldn’t buy out her neighbors so she figured out a plan.
Use eminent domain to gobble up the land!

Now Meg’s ego needs a boost so she’ll say anything to win,
So she came up with a scheme to simply buy her way in,
Spent a hundred million dollars just to be on your TV,
But I’m sorry dear old Meg you just don’t work for me!


Use the chords below to write your own verse and post it as a video response, tag it with “megformeg” – have fun!

—- verse —–
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
D, E

—- chorus —–
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
Fm, D, E

Paid for by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association

bonus reading:
Was California’s Bobblehead Election Rigged?

Update 10.05.2010

This video was originally posted at:

www. watch?v=dvvyetH2uXQ

For whatever reason that was made ‘private’, and re-uploaded as above.

Please tweet and retweet the new url

Billionaire Anti-Migrant Hypocrite Republican Meg Whitman Lies About Hiring Undocumented Worker

by: politicalarticles

Pay attention to the mention of “sanity test” at about 4:15 to 5:00.

Maybe it’s just me, but Meg asking her opponent to take a polygraph because she volunteered to take one first seems beyond crazy! I mean of course besides the obvious. LOL!

Just remember Meg Whitman literally has million$ and million$ of reason$ to lie, and a clear history and pattern of behavior of corruption, lies, cover-up and denial.

Meg Whitman Is No Einstein

by: GoodByeEbay

This seems to be from 2007. Very revealing. Note that all the troubles Meg speaks about are worse than ever now.

I think what strikes me most, other than the amount of lies, failure and hypocrisy now readily apparent,  is Meg’s appearance.  She is looking very run down these days.

by AuctionBytes

September 30, 2010

eBay CEO Meg Whitman talks about seller issues, including customer service issues,
multi-channel selling, and eBay’s recent Trust & Safety initiatives. Whitman discusses the Summer Relief promotion that lowers Final Value Fees and indicates it’s something eBay may possibly make permanent. June 2007

Moving on, the Meg Vs the Maid scandal is heating up, with atty Gloria Allred producing a ‘smoking gun” in the form of a 2003 letter from the Social Security administration, which Meg’s husband Griff Harsh has allegedly annotated, instructing the housekeeper to “please check this, Thanks”

Unfortunately the video, entitled “Lawyer:Meg Whitman is a Liar” has embedding disabled, please go watch it though.

Here is a article which details everything pretty well.

Readers here may also want to view this:

Meg Whitman Vs Gloria Allred Good Morning America Interview

and this, where we find that indeed, Meg is no Einstein. LOL!

Observations on Meg Whitman in the California Governor’s Debate

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