ebay_brains_for_sale_belie_public_relations and_thinking_day_validityUpdated: Now with the original auction listing photos. See below.

It’s impossible to let this go by without some sarcastic mention. Once again, ebay reality surpasses the Twilight Zone.

It seems that ebay’s purported thousands of staff policing the site and use of the latest technology didn’t catch it. The sale was successful. The buyer, who reportedly likes to collect ‘odd’ things,  paid for and received his precious brains.

Here’s an ended ebaY listing very likely to be one of the brains sold. Click the thumbnail for a larger view in new tab or window.

The only zombies or truly brain-dead  involved seem to be … (more…)

Our good friend George Zimmerman has captured the nation’s attention again. This time with a so-called original painting listed on ebay. The bid stands now at $99,966.00.

But is there more to it? Is it really original? Search the image down at google reverse image search and/or tineye.com.

Will new Teaxas auction laws prove to be a thorny issue for ebaY and it's sellers?

Very interesting.

Texas has passed the most sweeping, most comprehensive reform of the Texas Auctioneer law since its [sic] inception in 1978


Nike Air Yeezy 2 Ebay Auction

This ebay listing finished at a whopping US $90,300.00 with 84 bids.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Shill bidding, right?

Maybe someone has some tricky software or some secret observational methods to confirm that beyond any reasonable doubt?

Don’t bother.

That may have looked like or been shill bidding some time ago, but you see ebay mysteriously changed their shill bidding policy in a manner which allows employees to bid on their employer’s items.

We can be sure that as soon as the community finds that out shill bidding by employees will skyrocket.

Oh, but then again, it’s not shill bidding if ebaY says it’s not against their rules right?

Ebay sellers will be hiring employees like never before!

Keep up the good work ebay!

Over last weekend, November 28, 2010, a rather large ebaY powerseller, pugster888 a TRS (Top Rated Seller)  had their account taken over and anywhere between around 57,000 to 70,000 (or more) fake high-end listings uploaded rapidly. The listings all contained an image of text urging would-be purchasers to contact the ‘seller’ at an off ebaY email address, a familiar MO.

(click the images for full page, reduced size views)

Pure pugster pwnage! ;p

Above: There were many many more listings than this. I did not have time to sit around and watch.

Below: One of the dozens if not hundreds of listings for this particular piano.

Incredible Deals! Brand New! Free Shipping! ebaY Buyer Protection!;p

For those not following along, this sort of thing has happened too many times to recount them all here. Literally for years now. Yet ebaY refers to these events as isolated cases.

Of course the first things which jump right out regarding this time is the stature, feedback level, and longevity of the seller/victim,

Screencaps here show the rate at which these listings were pumped in. Note the amounts of listings inserted per minute, as the search terms are ‘newly listed’, and the search modifiers set to not show the seller’s legit items.

Note the time on the above screencap showing 56,985 fake listings. (7:23 AM)
Here is the scene at 4:51 AM, with 27,833 results/listings.

ebaY is Hacked, cracked, modbotted and zombied! ;p

That’s 29,152 fake listings in high fraud rate categories in about 2 1/2 hours time.

Legit sellers do not have that ability with such items. There is a delay of several hours before items become visible on the site when listing items in certain ‘high fraud’ categories. ebaY at one time touted them as “fraud filters“, the magical new weapon to building site trust and platform safety after our friend Vladuz reamed ebay. That is indicative of “hacking” as opposed to simple “account take over” (ATO) or ‘phishing’.

I’m curious to know whether ebaY would blame them for giving away their passwords? Or accuse pugster888 of falling victim to phishing attacks and getting their database hacked, as ebaY and it’s employees have?

Would the seller/victim admit they fell for a phishing or spearphishing ploy? Is this just another firm indication that the troubles at ebaY are much deeper and darker than most are aware?

I never examined the listings for the presence of any malware or dubious scripting etc, but it would be a reasonable assumption they may have also carried an additional payload of some type. The hackers everywhere are more crafty and sophisticated than ever. The ‘blended threat‘ is more commonplace.

True to their Orwellian form, ebaY’s censors slithered out, and then back into the memory hole, taking with them ebaY forums threads regarding the event. Note the number 70K mentioned.

Finally, there were more victims with very similar listings: shakyahandicraft and 290401 (another TRS) to name a couple.
screencap of 290401 item
screencap of shakyahandicraft seller list

Over at the CAPP forum as well as on youtube, I have a more recent scams/hacking/hijackings and victims documented.

Regardless of whatever ebaY’s Minitrue department may claim, these events and worse are very commonplace.

Does ebaY seem like a safe, trustworthy, and/or honest platform to buy, sell or surf on?