A very curious message has appeared at the top of the page at Paypal MicroPayments website:

Paypal Micropayments Announcement

Important notice: this application will be removed from service starting May 1, 2013.  The servers will be shut down after June 1st, 2012.  If you have any questions, please contact PayPal Labs.

I’ve checked around to other spots such as ebay’s announcement board, the PayPal Blog, Twitter, news search etc and find no mention of this. I was also unable to find any cached version of the page from before 04-12-2013, when/where it showed the bulletin.

What makes it even more mysterious though is that… (more…)

A little ebaY customer service nightmare anecdote worth highlighting. Snippet of the nitty-gritty.

(bold emphasis mine, screenshot opens in new tab or window)

ebaY Lies: because 'it is easier that way'

… 1. could not get any pictures to load,called customer service and was told no one can up-load pic,s at the time.
i asked when it would be fixed and was told 1 to 30 days.
so now i am told i cant list for 1 to 30 days tell they fix it.

2. next day i tried to up-load and no go, called customer svc and was told there was never a picture problem, i asked them to look at my past calls and shure enough there was a record of my call yesterday with customer svc telling me no one can load pictures.
i asked the representive why she lied to me and was told it is easier that way.
when a company tells me it is easier to lie to there customers so we would not be up-set it is not a good feeling. …

How do you trust this outfit?

Update 03-22-2013:

Not surprisingly, that post was censored/removed in record time. It was also documented here in it’s entirety. WE have the full page screencapture should anyone wish to see it.

I was reading this blog post at ecommercebytes, which is pretty critical of ebaY and some of the recent cosmetic foo-foo site changes, along with the Cassini search engine fail fiasco and other glaring issues.

In the readers’ comments it is mentioned that the article headline/link had at first shown and was then dropped from news search, so I decided to run a quick search myself. I found the very same result. Even when searching by exact title and within the time range of one week. I also started with broader terms; ebaY style etc.

The Bing News results screencapture:

I just find that very odd and felt it was worth sharing. I’m not sure how many (if any) valid or legitimate reasons there could be for that other than purposeful censorship/blackout?

I found and commented about the same lack of news search results back when ecommercebytes published a post regarding a settlement of a Paypal money holds  lawsuit.

The title says it all. After visiting a random blog post about this situation, I clicked on a link, which led to the myworld page for User ID andrewbrei, which in turn led to the feedback page, which is now suddenly ‘private‘.

When I first saw this report I searched for the user ID and got a screencapture of the feedback page to include in a CAPP forum post.

Click to enlarge -opens in a new window or tab

ebay feedback profile for Andrew Breivik

Unless Breivik is able to log into ebay from his jail cell, It seems pretty clear that ebay made that feedback private. What could they be trying to hide?

It strikes me rather odd that ebay sells all sorts of crime supplies, for some very gruesome crimes now, (as noted in the CAPP forum post linked above) but then tries to cover it up or justify it with phrases such as “Just a Venue” etc

Meanwhile they want teenagers  engaged at the periphery of civil disobedience protests to get 15 yrs in prison.

That would also be aside the fact that they profit greatly from crime eg: efencing.

If things like that upset you, send ebay a message. Participate in OpPayPal & OpEbay. Close out your ebay and paypal accounts.

Dissecting the Final Days of the Free Internet

December 11, 2010

Amazon Take Down of Wikileaks:
Is the Free Internet Dead?
Amazon provides a service where people can use essentially virtual storage, which helps serve their site and deal with large-scale Web traffic. Apparently, about a week and a half, two weeks ago, Senator Joe Lieberman of the Senate Home [Homeland] Security Committee phoned–or he did or had someone phone Amazon and leaned on them, and Amazon decided to take WikiLeaks down. That led to PayPal taking WikiLeaks down.
read the rest of the full text here

Meg Whitman ebaY Porn and Trust Fail

by Cappnonymous

Huge scandal and epic Meg fail which went on and on…

We sure would not want anyone to forget these events.

For best results, watch at youtube and/or expand to fullscreen. All the pertinent details and reference links are included in the video description area there.

Paypal Thieves ebaY Wikipedia Vandalism Exposed and Resurrected

by Cappnonymous

Cappnonymous exposes more ebaY and paypal customer service epic blunders and what appears to be another sad case of more evidence of ebaY misconduct vanishing under curious and questionable circumstances.

Further reading Urls:

Another Epic Fail for Ebay and Paypal Customer Service – PayPal Thieves!

screencap Paypal_Thieves_640.png

PayPal_Thieves_40_posts_640.png (updated thread view)

View a Google cache page which shows OP’s original post #7, which was deleted for mysterious reasons.
PayPal_Thieves_GOOG_CACHE_08292009_640.p ng



ebay_vandalism_on_wikipedia_200711202352 57.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_08252 008174920.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05012 009045826.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05042 009182442.png

The Dark Side Of eBay :

Wikimedia receives $2 million grant from Omidyar Network

Wikipedia current page for User_talk:

Wikipedia page for ebay

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