Who could imagine?

The long uncorrected xss flaw rears it’s ugly head again!

Auctionbytes reporting that falle-internet.de has again discovered listings with the malicious coding, this time with a virus twist.

The most important and telling quote of the article:

“They used javascript and java to address a known vulnerability; user’s computers were affected by just viewing the respective listings,”

See that part about “…just viewing the respective listings…” ?

That is one of the main reasons I advocate avoiding ebaY at all costs. Another is that they BLAME the USER for their own failures! Furthermore, they refuse to correct the flaw! Make no mistake, ebaY is a dangerous, untrustworthy, and dishonest website. Of that there is proof beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt!

ebaY is HACKED! Yes! ebaY is still HACKED!!!

Here is the report, with screencapture images, in English at falle-internet

My research indicates this issue has been onging at ebaY for about 10 full years now. Perhaps not under the same name, but indeed cross-scripting has been exploited on ebaY since before it even had that name. Ebay has been aware of the issue for that long also.  Since looooong before the US-CERT warning was posted. Bear in mind there are many variants of this exploit possible to use. It’s been used also for the redirects, and for cookie-stealing etc. The possibilities are only limited by the hacker’s imagination and ebay’s steadfast refusal to secure it’s festered site

I’ll be posting another video demonstrating the +/- 10 year longevity of the xss flaw on ebaY before long at the Cappnonymous channel

ebay buys congress

by thejollyrogerreturns

Ebay buys congress. Members of senate and house of representatives paid as much as $6500 each, some paid twice. Full list in this video.

Paypal Thieves ebaY Wikipedia Vandalism Exposed and Resurrected

by Cappnonymous

Cappnonymous exposes more ebaY and paypal customer service epic blunders and what appears to be another sad case of more evidence of ebaY misconduct vanishing under curious and questionable circumstances.

Further reading Urls:

Another Epic Fail for Ebay and Paypal Customer Service – PayPal Thieves!

screencap Paypal_Thieves_640.png

PayPal_Thieves_40_posts_640.png (updated thread view)

View a Google cache page which shows OP’s original post #7, which was deleted for mysterious reasons.
PayPal_Thieves_GOOG_CACHE_08292009_640.p ng



ebay_vandalism_on_wikipedia_200711202352 57.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_08252 008174920.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05012 009045826.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05042 009182442.png

The Dark Side Of eBay :

Wikimedia receives $2 million grant from Omidyar Network

Wikipedia current page for User_talk:

Wikipedia page for ebay

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The World’s Biggest Online Crime Ring and Counterfeit Capital of the World again shows their hypocritical nature and demonstrates the fact that they seem to believe they are above the law.

In the article regarding the efencing and  Organized Retail Crime bills now in Congress,  and a Dog and Pony Show-like PR stunt they pulled in our nation’s Capitol,  at the computerworld site:

…It’s unfair to “focus the legislative regime completely purely on the back end,”…

The problem is that ebay profits from both ends. They do little to nothing to ensure goods on their site are not stolen, or even register the user. Even Paypal user agreements offers NO Guarantee of the true ID of your trading partner(s)

It is a well known fact that they depend almost solely on their “community”,  yet ignore the reports, even have been know to stonewall  law enforcement.

As long as ebaY is deriving profits, they are in fact and in practice a partner in crime. Strike that, ebay is an enabler and the hub of crime, THE major player in a massive,  worldwide continuing criminal enterprise. A pimp, a fence, a gangster, a shiny shoed, silvery-tongued thug.

As we all know, ebay fuels a huge illegal industry, anywhere in the neighborhood of $30-35 Billion per year. All consumers are suffering due to this.

What does ebaY do with their share of all the dirty money? I know I cannot be the only one wondering.

On any given day there is report after report after report of stolen, counterfeit, fenced goods etc. A couple notable recent events were the dodo_6666 copy ink efence affair and the ebay LEGO Dr. Phil Show Bandits

There has never been a situation which cried out for regulation as much as this one does. For ebay to even dream of resisting this is a complete, and very telling farce.

Please contact your legislators and insist that these bills get passed. Again, it is time for the laws to catch up with the 21st century. The general public would not allow this outrageous level of crime to be supported/profited from by any pawn shop, flea market, rummage sale etc. Why should we allow it in cyberspace? IT is high time to rein these clowns in and make them accountable for the situation they have helped to create by virtue of their very own inactions and irresponsibility.

It appears as though ebay has been denied the use of Paypal with exclusion of all other payment services, (or the PayPal only scheme) on it’s ebay.au site by the Australian equivalent of the FTC, the ACCC

Here are some associated pages:
ACCC proposes to revoke immunity for eBay’s PayPal only policy
The draft document can be downloaded here (pdf)

Here are the pertinent portions:

ACCC conclusion on public benefits

5.173 The evidence available does not support the view that PayPal is the most secure method of payment, or offers the best service for all transactions.

5.174 The ACCC is of the view that consumers are in the best position to determine whether, for their particular transaction, PayPal offers the best features in terms of
security, fraud protection, dispute resolution and insurance, at the price offered.

5.177 The ACCC considers that the notified conduct has, or is likely to have, the effect of
substantially lessening competition in the market in which PayPal operates. The
ACCC also considers that the notified conduct is likely to result in reduced choice for
consumers, higher transactions costs and reduced innovation in online payment

5.178 Therefore, the ACCC concludes that the substantial anti-competitive detriments outweigh any public benefits resulting from the notified conduct.

It does not appear to me this is a done deal, but certainly very encouraging to stop this global monster.

Don’t touch those dials.