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Searching ebaY for wikileaks items I discovered some peculiarities with the number of results shown Vs the number of actual listings.

This hearkens back to the massive “padded listings” scandal of 2008, when ebaY got caught padding their listing counts during a Boycott, then went further by issuing several falsehoods and censoring their forums, then lying about that too.

Look here for the playlist which documented those events:

Pertinent/supporting links are there in the video descriptions along with a lot of comments from eyewitnesses.

There is also a very comprehensive report on those events here.  :)

This may also indicate/exemplify the “rolling blackouts”

Free safety tip:

Close down your paypal account

Dissecting the Final Days of the Free Internet

December 11, 2010

Amazon Take Down of Wikileaks:
Is the Free Internet Dead?
Amazon provides a service where people can use essentially virtual storage, which helps serve their site and deal with large-scale Web traffic. Apparently, about a week and a half, two weeks ago, Senator Joe Lieberman of the Senate Home [Homeland] Security Committee phoned–or he did or had someone phone Amazon and leaned on them, and Amazon decided to take WikiLeaks down. That led to PayPal taking WikiLeaks down.
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Billionaire Anti-Migrant Hypocrite Republican Meg Whitman Lies About Hiring Undocumented Worker

by: politicalarticles

Pay attention to the mention of “sanity test” at about 4:15 to 5:00.

Maybe it’s just me, but Meg asking her opponent to take a polygraph because she volunteered to take one first seems beyond crazy! I mean of course besides the obvious. LOL!

Just remember Meg Whitman literally has million$ and million$ of reason$ to lie, and a clear history and pattern of behavior of corruption, lies, cover-up and denial.

Meg Whitman ebaY Porn and Trust Fail

by Cappnonymous

Huge scandal and epic Meg fail which went on and on…

We sure would not want anyone to forget these events.

For best results, watch at youtube and/or expand to fullscreen. All the pertinent details and reference links are included in the video description area there.

Sometimes you just have to laugh, yes? Sometimes you just can’t stop!

It’s been one heck of a week for Meg Whitman!

Now comes quite a spectacle at everyone’s favorite site for a few quick LOLs, failblog.org, where former ebaY CEO & controversial California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has apparently been severely pwned, and is being called to the carpet. This video is way better than the avatar video.

Honesty Fail

Some of you have emailed us concerning a political attack video by the Meg Whitman campaign for California governor which features a screenshot of FAIL Blog attacking the other candidate Jerry Brown. We want to make it VERY clear that FAIL Blog nor the Cheezburger Network had any involvement or knowledge of the Whitman campaign use of a screenshot of FAIL Blog. In fact, the screenshot portrayed in the video never existed because the Whitman campaign faked the content within the screenshot. FAIL Blog or the Cheezburger Network has never been involved in any endorsement of any candidate or political party and do not plan to do so.

This is a place for humor, a place to laugh, and to have light-hearted fun poking at each other and what we see in the world. The FAIL Blog community involves liberals, conservatives and everyone across the political spectrum. And we do not endorse the use of FAIL Blog’s image or any content on any of the Cheezburger sites for anyone’s political gain.

We demand a written apology from the Whitman campaign and the removal of the video.


Ben Huh, Founder of the Cheezburger Network

P.S. Jerry Brown, you better not be thinking of using this image or post in your political ad either.

Here is the offending Meg Whitman ad video titled “A Lifetime in Politics, A Legacy Of Failure” on the Meg2010Campaign channel at youtube.  Here is a screencapture of that video in my browser. Here is a close-up with magnifier showing tiny, tiny text which appears to read: “Meredith May, State’s Fake Take-Charge Guy Walks and Talks in Oakland, San Francisco Chronicle 6/3/03″

(Update: I’ve just learned the above mentioned article isn’t even about Jerry Brown, but a school board superintendent. Here it is. I guess I didn’t find that originally because of the embellishment. As you’ll see, the word ‘fake’ is not in the title there.)

Again the source of the screencapture/image in the Meg Whitman video, at around time marker 0:51 to 0:52, represented or purported to be from failblog can’t be located, because it is a complete fabrication.
Here is the obligatory screencapture, since we already know how these embarrassing to Meg Whitman types of things mysteriously go POOF from time to time.

Complete and undeniable OWNAGE! Epic LOLz!

For those of you whom haven’t been following along, Meg has recently come under a firestorm of controversy, after revelations of more bullying and a payoff.  It appears that she lied about the incident, by her own admission. That is only a small fraction of what is going on. Her stability is being questioned.

Her son has also come under public scrutiny for some very serious issues, possibly with payoffs, hush money as well?

tsk tsk tsk….

It is still several months from that election and I get the feeling that we shall be seeing a lot more unflattering things about Meg Whitman and all things surrounding her, past and present, on every last level possible, from media as well as the chattering class everywhere. And rightfully so!

One more thing here. I’m not in California. I couldn’t care less about that state’s politics. However, I am an ebaY critic and these incidents have every bearing and relation to ebaY and it’s spoiled, ugly child Paypal, their histories, and their present sad state of affairs.

People who wish to see the level of lies, censorship, scams, fraud and incompetence that Meg Whitman presided over at ebaY should see my videos and/or blogs, the CAPP forum, even contact me. There is so much I’ve never posted. One last thing, I have my own little Meg video. Have you seen it yet?

oops, people reading this may also like to see this post;

Meg Whitman Election Ad Fail!

where you can see Meg using a former ebayer, a NON-California resident to boot, without her knowledge or consent, to tout her ebaY business ‘acumen’.  The video is part of the MegFail Playlist on youtube btw

As I mentioned in the last post I made here, I’ve uploaded a quick video proving the XSS, cross-scripting, ebayla bug, ebayla virus… javascript exploits by any name have persisted upon the ebaY site for over a full decade. Over 11 years.  Since before the term “XSS” was even born. Ebay has been aware of the issues that long.

Not only that, but they have reversed previous high-visibility public announcements of plans to control the use of active scripting content. In short they went back on their word and more-less buried the announcement thereof.

For best results view at youtube or expand to full screen. There is a complete url list of the pages seen in the video description area there.

I think the video says it all.

Do you trust this outfit with your financial and personal data?

Paypal Thieves ebaY Wikipedia Vandalism Exposed and Resurrected

by Cappnonymous

Cappnonymous exposes more ebaY and paypal customer service epic blunders and what appears to be another sad case of more evidence of ebaY misconduct vanishing under curious and questionable circumstances.

Further reading Urls:

Another Epic Fail for Ebay and Paypal Customer Service – PayPal Thieves!

screencap Paypal_Thieves_640.png

PayPal_Thieves_40_posts_640.png (updated thread view)

View a Google cache page which shows OP’s original post #7, which was deleted for mysterious reasons.
PayPal_Thieves_GOOG_CACHE_08292009_640.p ng



ebay_vandalism_on_wikipedia_200711202352 57.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_08252 008174920.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05012 009045826.png

Usertalk_216_113_168_128_Wikipedia_05042 009182442.png

The Dark Side Of eBay :

Wikimedia receives $2 million grant from Omidyar Network

Wikipedia current page for User_talk:

Wikipedia page for ebay

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