Really? Hold on thar, Babba-Louie.

The first article I saw (and tweeted) about this did not include a screenshot. The reported error didn’t seem too unusual, [ei: no mention of occupation] as similar things have happened before. (Except that before they overcharged Billions.)

However, now looking at…  (more…)


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german comedy from a show called “Freitag Nacht News”

Report from ecommercebytes shows ebay is beginning to allow the sale of gun parts. Also noteworthy; the ‘quietly’ part. They changed the policy without a peep on December 11, 2011.

eBay made no formal announcement about the policy reversal, and has only been gradually letting affected sellers know, with notifications going out at least as late as April.

They plan to go full bore gradually. This change comes several years after ebaY came under fire for the ammo magazines used by the Virginia Tech massacre killer.

It would seem to be little more than an attempt on ebaY’s part to increase wallet share as ebay declines.

Gun parts sellers would be very wise to visit the Technical Issues and Seller Central forums at ebaY for some Kentucky windage before they fire any celebratory shots in the air. Unless they are to celebrate broken search engines, rolling blackouts and limited visibility, lack of sales, micro-management, terrible customer service, paypal money holds, and/or being used as test dummies in some borked Cassini beta testing.

Gun ownership is a Constitutional right and a tradition in the USA. It’s something that’s not going away.

However, I have concerns. There have been an awful lot of comments and sentiments around the web lately that ebaY has… well bluntly, ebay has lost it’s mind. It’s really even difficult to discuss ebaY and it’s corporate behavior anymore without references to fiction, science fiction, whimsey and parody, and yes, Nightmare Horror!

We do know for a fact the ebaY world consists largely of fraud and greed. We wouldn’t want those 2 worlds, ebaY and guns/gun parts, to collide, recombine, and mutate, bearing in mind this is the same universe where you can shoot and kill someone and then use Paypal to get rich from it.

Not to surprising info posted over at krebsonsecurity.com.

Active, hacked or phished Paypal accounts found for sale on yet more venues. For those not paying attention, there are entire sleazy industries surrounding all things ebaY & Paypal. This particular type has been exposed time and again.

Please don’t overlook the very real possibility they could all be insider fraud, as Paypal’s own documents show.

I say this because ebaY and PayPal  have been very quick and thorough to silence criticism and exposure of embarrassing facts, yet these highly fraudulent sites remain. EbaY allows as many accounts as a person wishes, and Paypal does little to nothing to verify people at the gate. Rather, they wait until funds are in one’s accounts, then seized, after the fact, under any number of false or invalid reasons, until you are “proven worthy“.

It’s pretty obvious that the members are being used to subsidize fraud and failure, and to cover PayPal’s losses, which are bourne of their very own lackwit policies and practices IMO.

The very best thing you can do is avoid PayPal and ebaY. Close both your ebay and Paypal accounts and do whatever you need to to be sure they cannot access both your bank accounts and credit cards.

It seems that longtime ebaY critic site ebaymotorssucks.com came under a crippling Denial of Service Attack yesterday.

At some point, Doc, the Admin or the host, must have pulled the plug, as I saw only the free parking page. It’s back online now and soon to be restored fully.

For those not familiar with ebaymotorssucks.com, it’s probably one of the oldest ebaY critic sites on the web, and most likely the #1 such site. He’s exposed many bad things about ebaY, ebaY motors, and helped untold numbers of would-be victims from being scammed. In fact, he, and his site(s) have likely prevented fraud and scams more than ebay’s lack-whit customer service dept, which is notorious for giving bad advice.

That may be because Doc focuses on warning and educating the victims or would-be victims, not profits.

Ebay/Paypal has proven time and time again that they do NOT CARE about YOU! You are nothing more than dollar signs ringing up in their otherwise blank stare. Sadly, a true fact that thousands of ebaY and Paypal victims find out every single day.

I guess the only question is who would want a site like that down?
(Need I state the obvious here?)

Let’s put it this way, I do not feel or believe that Anonymous or any of that phylum is behind  the attack.

Does it seem like ebay /paypal could have played a part in or been behind the DdoS attack upon ebaymotorssucks.com?

One way to determine present or future behavior is to look at past behavior…

It’s no secret that ebaY uses dirty tricks, astroturfers, and has an alleged “Black Budget” department.

They’ve been caught using corporate shills, even from the highest levels of management time and again, as well as using very unscrupulous tactics to attempt to coerce the media.

Their forum moderation outfit’s publicly stated policy to to deliberately NOT disclose that they are being paid to “steer” and ‘seed’ the conversations on ebay’s community forums and elsewhere.

We’ve even seen what appears to me to be some scandalous activity surrounding Vandalism of wikipedia by ebay employees, and donations to the parent corp, wikimedia.

Ah yes, then there was some recent conflict at Doc’s site with an ebaY corporate shill…

Hmmm… I can’t help but wonder if these events aren’t related?

Did I mention that such behavior, ei; the use of undisclosed paid word of mouth endorsers is against FTC regs?

I don’t feel that there is much question that ebaY certainly lacks the ethics, and is well capable of using any number of assorted dirty tricks.

That’s one reason why I’ll be doing everything in my power to expose ebaY for the sleaze trap that it is, and to persuade others to close their accounts and join in the fight.

The other reason is for the LULz.  It’s pure comedy watching these snakes at ebay spin and squirm. haha!

All you who wish to join me can start by always mentioning ebaY in a bad light where ever possible, including real life, where ebaY’s undercover paid liars and  trolls are not present.

There’s no shortage of factual, negative things to say to convince folks to never use ebaY or Paypal, and/or close their accounts. eg; virus, ID theft, stolen goods, glitches, lack of any real customer service. 3 hr wait times to get to a non-English speaking rep, and of course, hacked accounts and bogus invoices.

JMO, I think the 11+ year ID theft allowing, uncorrected critical safety xss flaw really is the one which nearly guarantees that whomever you tell, won’t be going to the ebay site. Bear in mind that all one needs to do is simply land on the wrong page at ebaY and BAM! ~ You are owned. pOwn3d!

Usually, the most casual or subtle mentions at the right time and place are all that’s required.

Remember, word-of-mouth built ebaY and the same can take it down too.

I see that ebaymotorssucks.com is now back up fully at http://www.ebaywarehouse.us.
The post “Are ebaY’s ears ringing” has also been restored.

I bet Doc is even re-motivated to start back into hardcore ebaY criticism and exposure.

I’d like to say thanks to sleazebaY for re-invigorating us both.


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Just another crappy ebaY deal

This wikileaks situation is moving very fast and spiraling out of control.

There is everything from calls for assassination to mentions of arrest warrants and negotiated surrender/interviews by Police in the UK for Mr. Assange.

Internet group Anonymous has joined the cause,  launching Ddos attacks on paypal blog in retaliation for the closure of the wikileaks donations account. Also upon the Swiss Bank, Post Finance website which froze wikileaks funds. There appears to have been some counter-Ddos attacks on the AnonOps site also.

There are widespread calls for Boycotts of PayPal, ebaY and Amazon as well.

Of course, some of these issues are somewhat small compared to the big picture: The contents of the cables; and gawd only knows what results that info leaking may produce… Not to mention the free speech issues at stake.

We are looking at history in the making. This is war. Infowar

This video which I found seems telling despite the uploaders sarcasm.

(upload date 12-06-2010)

“I believe the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world, can hold their own governments accountable, they can begin to think for themselves. I can tell you that in the United States, the fact that we have free internet — or unrestricted internet access is a source of strength, and I think should be encouraged.”

He went on to add (not), “That’s why I defend Wikileaks‘ right to publish documents which my government wants to keep secret so it can avoid being held accountable for all the lies and corruption.”