Our good friend George Zimmerman has captured the nation’s attention again. This time with a so-called original painting listed on ebay. The bid stands now at $99,966.00.

But is there more to it? Is it really original? Search the image down at google reverse image search and/or tineye.com.

George Zimmerman jail house calls

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If there was a part where he (or she) expressed any regret, sorrow or remorse over the incident or for Trayvon and his family, I missed it.

I notice yet another George Zimmerman defense fundraising site has popped up, savegeorgezimmerman.tumblr.com, using Paypal. On tumblr.com no less. This one features a picture of George Z made of Skittles, advice to “Donate anonymously to save George Zimmerman” and some text:Save George Zimmerman and Paypal Billing Page

It’s time to hear all of the facts. The media has made it clear that they want to vilify an innocent man. We are here to help raise money to combat the Liberal Media’s lies. The truth must be told and we will make sure the history books show George Zimmerman as the hero that he truly is.

Once again George Zimmerman, “hero” or not, is entitled to a defense.

I feel that using Paypal as a vehicle for funds collection for this purpose, however,  are counter to Paypal’s own acceptable use policy.

What do you think?

the Paypal Acceptable Use Policy:

You may not use the PayPal service for activities that:

… (e) items that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime, …

click to enlarge in a new tab or window - The_Real_George_Zimmerman_'My_Race' page from his original fundraising / donations site, therealgeorgezimmerman(.)com. Why was there a 'my race' page?Something his supporters may wish to consider: Paypal does NOT guarantee the identity of the person collecting the funds. It could be anyone. Note the address on the PayPal billing page? (click the images to enlarge – opens in new tab or window) It doesn’t exactly produce a sense of anything proper and official, does it? There’s no way of telling whether they will take that money and vanish. I’m not sure that anyone supporting Mr Zimmerman has done the slightest bit of research into Paypal’s true nature

Now on to the next dirty thing about our friends at Paypal.

National_Vanguard Donations and Paypal Billing pages composite

I’ve found that PayPal is also the preferred payment method for donations at The National Vanguard.

The National Vanguard is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center website as a Neo-Nazi hate group.

That’s the second such site I’ve found now. The SPLC site states that they counted over 1000 such groups in the USA in 2011. I’m wondering how many more are using PayPal?

How it is that Paypal doesn’t follow their very own policies must simply be a matter of “Special Powers” or selective interpretation?

Paypal may not be a Racist, if you don’t anthropomorphize. But they don’t mind profiting from it, or from the entire nation being divided and played against each other?
Does that seem even lower than “plain ol’ Racism” to you? Racism for profit? Anything for profit!

I’m asking anyone and everyone who is reading this to close out your Paypal accounts and persuade others to do the same. Don’t forget that Ebay is the parent company of Paypal, so don’t use them either.

I don’t expect Paypal to close down those donation accounts.

I also don’t expect anyone in the main-stream media to pick up on this angle at all. Like Paypal, they’re only in it for the money.

It’s pretty much a given that PayPal does not care what the world thinks when it comes to Paypal making a quick sleazy buck. Unless and until there is an outcry that would wake the dead.

Back to the heart of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman issue…  just listen to the 911 calls. All of them. Then review the video where he enters the police dept. There seems to be plenty of readily observable facts contained within.  I did, and that’s about all I’ve seen or heard of it. The one where you can hear the person screaming for help and then the gunshot is truly chilling. But I’ll keep my opinion to myself.

Those crafty devils at Paypal must have decided to team up with George Zimmerman and the cash raising potential he offers for them.

After we all heard the ‘whereabouts unknown’ statements from his former legal counsel at their press conference, one of my insider-snitches from San Jose clued me in.

PayPal is no slouch when it comes to public relations. If you recall, when their engineer got arrested for child molesting they used that opportunity to introduce the world to Al_CaponePal, their “Special Powers” money ‘protection service’ spokesman.

Click for the full sized view. Opens in new tab or window

George Zimmerman on Paypal's Front Page Spoof

Just a little update here… I see the former link I had to the msnbc news article concerning the Paypal engineer arrested for raping a 13 year old girl has mysteriously become a ‘404, page not found”

Hilarious! I’ve replaced that link with a live link to the report at ksbw.com. Let’s see how long that lasts. For the screencaptured image of the 404’d msnbc article, look here.

The_Real_George_Zimmerman_My_Race click to enlarge in a new tab or windowStarting to see a few reports around that the alleged killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has set up a website – http://therealgeorgezimmerman.com – specifically to solicit donations for legal and living expenses, using Paypal.

I clicked through the donation button and sure enough, it led to a checkout page for George Zimmerman.

I also ran a whois, where I found that it’s registered to Go-daddy, using domains by proxy privacy.

I’m not sure why Mr Zimmerman would need or want to use that feature. I’m not sure we can conclude the site is actually owned by George Zimmerman, I seriously doubt that Paypal has confirmed/verified the account with them as genuine  either, as they state in their User Agreement that “We do not guarantee the identity of any User...”

Although reportedly, NBC News’ Mara Schiavocampo said she confirmed through Zimmerman’s lawyers that the site is indeed his. CNN and other media outlets followed.

You may notice the unusual capitalization at the whois report: ThereAlGeorgeZimmerman.com

Over at his site he has an American flag background, a lot of patriotic sounding quotes, and some White Power related verbiage. (screencaptured image below)

At any rate, Mr Zimmerman is entitled to a defense, regardless of how flimsy it may seem, or how volatile the issues.

As to why George Zimmerman would choose Paypal, and why Paypal allows this? The term “birds of the feather…” seems appropriate.

As for Paypal. I’m not so sure their rep can take much more abuse , I mean exposure of their sleazy nature.

But don’t think for a minute they. paypal,  only support racist websites and bloggers, steal from kids, break violins, and tell world class lies to swoop in and steal money from wikileaks.

Nope, they’re also the preferred payment method to help free convicted wife and baby killer Scott Peterson.

Nice folks, eh?

Please close your Paypal accounts and let them you disapprove of their policies and practices.

Related screencaptured images, as composite:


the real George Zimmerman website, paypal checkout page, and whois info composite image 480 pixels wide

Update: 04-24-2012

I see that http://therealgeorgezimmerman.com is now showing the godaddy parking page. I was able to still get to the live, not cached Paypal donations page by clicking to it through a cached page. I’m not sure what that means. I didn’t try to donate anything to see if that was still actually active.

This appears to be a very recent development, and as such I am so far unable to find any info out there.

Edit: Just found this:

“I’ve started the process to properly authorize his legal fund,” O’Mara said. “I do not want him to have any Internet presence and that site has been taken down.

At any rate, Good Luck George. I think you’ll need it.

And as for Paypal… I don’t believe anyone is going to forget your deeds either.

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