Really? Hold on thar, Babba-Louie.

The first article I saw (and tweeted) about this did not include a screenshot. The reported error didn’t seem too unusual, [ei: no mention of occupation] as similar things have happened before. (Except that before they overcharged Billions.)

However, now looking at…  (more…)



Whew! After yesterday, everyone deserves a day off from thinking about the ebaY horror show. Don’t worry, you won’t miss much. Same ol’ same ol’, like another necromantic …  (more…)

eBay_Special Offer_200_thousand_items_20130420

ebaY had a big special promo for 200,000 free listings to run from April 20-29. That’s right, two-hundred thousand. Noted in tiny subdued font is the *by invitation only, do not forward… (signifying it was sent via email) followed by more details including this:

The seller’s first 200,000 Auction-style listings will not count toward the 50 free insertion fee listings per calendar month.”


horror_of_paypalIt looks like another good ol’ fashioned glitch for ebay and Paypal users.

Starting as long as about a month ago Paypal users are experiencing an ebaY checkout glitch which disallows the use of  members’ safest and most preferred (or is that loved?) payment method, the credit card.

Update: be sure to see the comments.

Why is Paypal eCheck my only payment option_glitch

The complaints have been and are still rolling in to this day. It seems as if PayPal’s ‘official’ staff is not well up to date regarding the tech issues which plague it, as affected members are receiving conflicting information, compounded  by lack of any corporate or PR statement, a perennial condition at Paypal.

Here’s a very recent complaint from the supposed member to member Paypal help forum at ebaY:

 Apr 1, 2013 10:27 PM
Today I was trying to pay for an item I won with PayPal.  I could not switch the payment source FROM my backup checking account, TO a credit card that I do have on file with paypal as my card. Usually I can select my credit card to be charged. The listing itself shows that it accepts Paypal and has the credit card logos in the listing. I will try again tomorrow to pay with my credit card using PayPal.

Thanks for looking at it, PayPal techs.

As you can see, apparently Paypal doesn’t even do such a good job informing their users where to receive real service or information, and the helpers are not particularly helpful.

Anyone familiar with ebaY and paypal knows that new policies often first manifest themselves as seemingly random glitches, where differing explanations are given as to why what how etc they occur, then suddenly ala-kazzaam! Presto!

I can’t help but wonder whether this hasn’t got something to do with the recent news that Mastercard is charging Paypal some sort of fees? PayPal would not be subject to those if payments are made via members’ bank accounts. Nevermind that your protections are lessened, Paypal doesn’t care about that, or you. They’re after your money.

Affected users have options. First, you can wait for the glitch to be resolved.  Second you can cancel the sale and go make your purchase on some venue where checkout works as it is supposed to. Or just skip ebaY to begin with if you haven’t been snagged yet.

I suppose one could even file complaints with the FTC, or their credit card company since Paypal is flying credit card logos as payment choices, then not fulfilling the offer. You are not obligated to complete any purchase where the terms are misrepresented.

If you read the threads linked to above you’ll soon understand that dealing with ebay and Paypal can be like falling into a void where normal reason and logic does not exist, but where mumbo-jumbo and doubletalk rules.

Keep in mind that an e-check takes longer to process as Paypal likes to protect your funds longer than any other service we know of. Save yourself some time and aggravation.

If you look around this blog and the web I’m quite certain you will find other very compelling reasons to avoid Paypal and ebaY like a vile disease.


We’re not in Kansas anymore, maybe closer to the land of Oz as the situation is looking very peculiar. Brooms are standing straight up all by themselves, and I think ebaY hopes to sweep the First Glitch of Springtime episode away quietly.

One of the things uncovered was the existence of hidden listings. Hidden listings? Why, oh why would ebaY have a mechanism, apparatus or the need to hide listings? (more…)

A little ebaY customer service nightmare anecdote worth highlighting. Snippet of the nitty-gritty.

(bold emphasis mine, screenshot opens in new tab or window)

ebaY Lies: because 'it is easier that way'

… 1. could not get any pictures to load,called customer service and was told no one can up-load pic,s at the time.
i asked when it would be fixed and was told 1 to 30 days.
so now i am told i cant list for 1 to 30 days tell they fix it.

2. next day i tried to up-load and no go, called customer svc and was told there was never a picture problem, i asked them to look at my past calls and shure enough there was a record of my call yesterday with customer svc telling me no one can load pictures.
i asked the representive why she lied to me and was told it is easier that way.
when a company tells me it is easier to lie to there customers so we would not be up-set it is not a good feeling. …

How do you trust this outfit?

Update 03-22-2013:

Not surprisingly, that post was censored/removed in record time. It was also documented here in it’s entirety. WE have the full page screencapture should anyone wish to see it.

A very curious ‘glitch‘ has popped up on ebaY.  Sellers’ listings are being deleted or cancelled due to reaching seller limits erroneously. There is more than one complaint thread topic. Ebay customer support acknowledges a  ‘widespread’ bug.

Here’s the [erroneous] message sellers are receiving from ebaY:

We’ve noticed you’ve exceeded your monthly selling limits. Because of this, your most recently listed unsold items have been removed and all associated fees have been credited to your account. Selling limits are put in place to help you establish a positive selling history and provide excellent service to your customers.

Now from the forums:

Seller Limits Not Known, but Exceeded!

Seller Limits Not Known, but Exceeded!

Mar 20, 2013 12:19 PM

eBay user since 1997!  Total sales amount in high 6 figures. Total number of sales ~20K. Feedback about as near perfect as it can be.

Today, I listed 13 fixed price listings. According to eBay, I exceed my seller limit. A total of about 140 auctions and fixed price listings were cancelled.

I call eBay, and the gal can’t even tell me what my selling limit is!!! So she transfers me to Seller Vetting, or something. Of course, the call doesn’t go through.

I go back to the email I received, and click on the link to contact ebay about my seller limit. Bad link

I go to the eBay seller limit page, and click on the link to increase my seller limit. Link is not active yet.


Now here’s the response from ebaY customer support:

ebay deleting auctions due to _reaching your limitMar 20, 2013 01:56 PM

just got through on chat took 20 mins but here’s their reply:

“We apologise for this. Please be advised that this is a known bug and our technical team is currently looking into the root cause. I’m afraid though, we’re not able to give exact time on when this will be resolved. Rest assured, we’re treating this as a priority. Again, we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused”

Now the complaints are rolling in fast and furious!

All 1500 items removed because of tech issue

Why do I have a 1000 item limit restriction??? No items in my store now?

ebay ends auctions early using code mc999

It looks like lots and lots of sellers are upset because they are suffering losses of time, money and effort, and World Class ebaY is clueless.

You know what this reminds me of, in a way? The Vladuz as Ebay customer service rep affair from October 2007.

You really do have to wonder, seeing as how the hijackings or account take-overs, fake SCO offers and xss redirects are all on a big upswing lately.  The only thing missing is some comedian/hacker pwning sleazebay on their own forums.