Romanian Detained Over eBay Cyber Fraud

Romanian detained over a $3 million cyber fraud against eBay Inc.

Very interesting article from abc news:

Romanian authorities have detained a man suspected of committing cyber fraud worth $3 million against the company eBay Inc.

Organized crime prosecutors say Liviu Mihail Concioiu is being investigated for “phishing” attacks against 3,000 of eBay Inc. employees.

They said Thursday that Concioiu allegedly stole the employees’ IDs and passwords in 2009 and accessed company files, including an application with the data base of eBay clients and their transactions. Concioiu then used “phishing” sites to access the accounts of about 1,200 eBay users.

It would appear the ebay database has been hacked, cracked, and zombied AGAIN.

(or is that still?)

Also notice how the term ‘phishing’ is constantly used.  ebaY doesn’t like the “H” word it seems. But “phishing” alone does not get you access to the files and data described. We call that “HACKING

rotflmao! Who could imagine?

It also tells us that ebay employees must not be too savvy if they are falling for whatever tricks are being used to gain the logins etc.

No mention of any response from ebay.

With IT’s long and repeated history of such events, you should ask yourself whether you trust this unsafe outfit with your personal and financial data?

ebay buys congress

by thejollyrogerreturns

Ebay buys congress. Members of senate and house of representatives paid as much as $6500 each, some paid twice. Full list in this video.

Lorrie Norrington Steps In “IT” at ebay Live

I first learned of this situation reading a post at auctionbytes blog, “Disconnect at eBay as It Moves toward Amazonification” on 06-21-2008

“During the keynote session, Lorrie Norrington spoke about cherishing small sellers like Denise from good-dog-jack, and relayed her experience of buying a pair of shoes on eBay and then selling them to a buyer in France. It would appear they still want those eBay-like experiences, but on an Amazon-like platform.

It has been revealed that Ms Norrington lied- either in the body of her listing, or else at the speech where she tried to use her shoe sale to talk about “Trust” at ebay Live! 2008 in Chicago.

It is also obvious that she failed to disclose her status as an ebay employee. Further, it is clear that she was a deadbeat bidder on at least one occasion, having earned a negative feedback for that.

Anyway, this was also posted about on ebay forums, where they deleted that post in record time, but not fast enough. It made it into a couple more threads and to auctionbytes before it could be buried. Yet we know that ebay tried to bury that. It also went “POOF” from the cache at google in the blink of an aye. Very strange indeed.

Here is the original listing url:
Tod’s Women’s Loafers New in Box Size 7.5 (EU Size 3)

screencap of that listing

The discussion at ebay forums where I found the screencaps used in the video.

Screencap of that thread

The feedback profile 200 results page of ebay member westie0721 (148)
screencapture of that 200 results page

screencap (Note that I use Firefox browser with Greasemonkey extension and ‘ebay Hacks’ script, which adds 2 new tabs to feedback page and opens toolhause negs in a new frame on the same page.
(You may also note that ebay feedback only goes back so far now, depriving users of the entire profile BTW.

here is the feedback received page

Screencap of another discussion of the issue on ebay forums
Ebay employee has auction and doesn’t identify them as employee?

I really don’t have much more to say about this.
I think the video says IT all. ;p