sleazebay: Term commonly used in reference to online auction giant, ebaY. Popular and arguably accurate corruption of the name ebaY. Coined by Forbes; submitted to urbandictionary_com by yours truly. ;pAt EcommerceBytes blog, it appears that once again, ebaY is resorting to sleaze tactics in attempt to control the message.

An individual going under the name of birdieman chimes in with this:


With the new 2013 spring seller update, a thread topic appeared on ebay’s seller central forum. Right away I noticed an odd comment:

New fees are higher_!_live_after_censorship_20130319_640

Why doesn’t Erez’s post have a pink stripe?

Followed by a pink post:

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the confusion in Erez’s post above.  His Pink ID is unfortunately malfunctioning!  We encourage you to join us in the special discussion board as we have a room full of staff here ready to answer any of your questions on our Spring 2013 Announcement (

posted this morning.

Thank you,


Seller Marketing

Next, the comedy begins:

Must be a hacked account all employees of ebay when listing merchandise for sale most have a blurb in their listing saying they are a employee of ebay.. Unless they changed that rule and didn’t bother to mention it..

I’m sure anyone can make a mistake, and the mistake was quickly corrected by removing the post. We were able to dig that post from Google’s cache. You can plainly see the post had no pinkliner, yet the message was from an ebaY staffer:

New fees are higher?!  Erez non pink post cached

Mar 19, 2013 08:16 AM

Hi paularose1952,

Thanks for your questions. We have a large staff here at eBay waiting to answer any questions you have in a special discussion board. Would love for you to join us there:

See you there!


eBay Seller Team

And that’s where the real fun starts!

erez_bear Carney Lansford 1993 Topps Gold 127 Oakland Athletics A'S_completed

Tracking down the person’s  listings, we can see that this individual failed to post the obligatory link identifying themselves as an ebay employee in their listings. here’s a sample. Every last one I checked failed to have the link.

When eBay employees submit community content as members, not as employees, they need to identify themselves as eBay employees and state that the content reflects their personal views and isn’t written on behalf of eBay.


Also, I notice characteristics of the completed listings look like violations of duplicate listing policy,

Sellers can’t have more than one fixed price listing of an identical item at the same time.

and have a resemblance to feedback gaming or manipulation scheme, by listing several same items at 10 cents each with local pickup. Why, it’s just amazing how many of those things sold!  The practice/tactic is not unlike those of the “sleeper cells” fraudsters recently reported on.

So move over Lori Norrington!

In case you haven’t heard of Erez Yereslove, of the ebay seller team, he’s one of the people who ache when rank & file members get snubbed by not being invited to selling promos. He hates it when that happens!

I feel it’s very important for folks to realize the ebay management, who makes the rules and policies for ebay, don’t even follow those rules. That’s crooked, pure and simple.

If that sort of thing bothers you, close your accounts. Persuade others to do the same. It’s the only noise ebay understands.

Meg Whitman Says ‘Whore’ is OK When Her Pete Wilson Says It

Hilarious! Audience boos Meg for hypocrisy!

Meg knows all about whores.She left the ebay site wide open to hacked listings filled with pornographic images and dangerous ID stealing redirect flaws for literally years. In fact, the entire time she was at ebay!

She blamed the users and profited every inch of the way. She didn’t mind the word or the images then. When people complained, they got suspended from ebay. If they complained outside of ebay,  hideous stalking crews harassed them over the internet and the years.

Why just get pwned once, when you can get pwned over and over and over? rotflmao!

In an article at, another former Meg housekeeper comes forward to say she believes  Nicky.

The lady worked for Meg in 1998, and does not appear to have had a pleasant time, nor any kind words for Meg and Griff Harsh.

“I totally believe Diaz”, Armstrong, 59, of Mountain View, said in an interview with The Chronicle. “I know the family. I know what it was like.”

But she described Whitman as “cheap” and said she was surprised when her boss at first balked at paying the agreed salary – arguing that Armstrong didn’t “deserve” it because she wasn’t yet working full-time as a nanny.

It appears that there were issues with getting paid and having proper tax forms issued too? Imagine that?

No word on whether Meg is going to blame Jerry Brown for this one too.

read the rest and those comment there.

by MegforMeg

October 04, 2010

Meet Bobblehead Meg! She’s billionaire with an atrocious voting record, a short temper, and a history of shady business deals who’s trying to spend her way into the Governor’s Mansion. Visit to learn more!

Let me introduce you to Bobblehead Meg,
A poor billionaire who’s a real powder keg,
A former CEO who didn’t vote till oh-two,
Listen California she wants to be in charge of you!

Well good ole Meg was born into old money,
Got tired of Boston so she moved somewhere sunny,
Now says California’s always been her home state,
But she’s only lived here since nineteen ninety-eight.

Since she moved in she’s been the head of eBay,
And in that short time a lot of job’s she’s sent away,
Two out of five eBay jobs are overseas,
Wonder if she’ll outsource all the state employees?

So we all know Meg is a very rich lady,
But how she got her dough sometimes seems a bit shady,
Ten years ago when the rules were pretty lax,
She did a sketchy deal with the boys at Goldman Sachs!

Well Meg’s got a house in pretty Telluride,
And she wants to keep her view form each and every side,

She couldn’t buy out her neighbors so she figured out a plan.
Use eminent domain to gobble up the land!

Now Meg’s ego needs a boost so she’ll say anything to win,
So she came up with a scheme to simply buy her way in,
Spent a hundred million dollars just to be on your TV,
But I’m sorry dear old Meg you just don’t work for me!


Use the chords below to write your own verse and post it as a video response, tag it with “megformeg” – have fun!

—- verse —–
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
A, D, Bm, E,
D, E

—- chorus —–
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
D, A, E,
Fm, D, E

Paid for by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association

bonus reading:
Was California’s Bobblehead Election Rigged?

Update 10.05.2010

This video was originally posted at:

www. watch?v=dvvyetH2uXQ

For whatever reason that was made ‘private’, and re-uploaded as above.

Please tweet and retweet the new url

Billionaire Anti-Migrant Hypocrite Republican Meg Whitman Lies About Hiring Undocumented Worker

by: politicalarticles

Pay attention to the mention of “sanity test” at about 4:15 to 5:00.

Maybe it’s just me, but Meg asking her opponent to take a polygraph because she volunteered to take one first seems beyond crazy! I mean of course besides the obvious. LOL!

Just remember Meg Whitman literally has million$ and million$ of reason$ to lie, and a clear history and pattern of behavior of corruption, lies, cover-up and denial.

From the official statement at the ebay ink site and elsewhere:

“Lorrie has led eBay Marketplaces through significant fundamental change as we drive a multiyear turnaround strategy to enhance the shopping experience for buyers and sellers and evolve eBay as a global ecommerce and mobile commerce leader,” said eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe. “For personal family reasons, Lorrie made a decision to do what’s best for eBay and for her family, and I respect that. I wish her the very best and thank her for many contributions to our company and our nearly 92 million active eBay users.”

I think we all know that the ‘family time’ excuse could well be a euphemism for ‘other’ things, whatever they may be. Maybe it’s just me but something about the phrasing of that may tell us something; He mentions doing ‘what’s best for ebay’ ahead of ‘her family’

Now from the article at

RBC Capital Markets analyst Stephen Ju said that Norrington’s sudden departure is not a good thing for eBay.

Remaining executives including Donahoe will have more work running marketplaces for the time being – and that’s if eBay’s explanation for her departure is taken at face value.

“The other interpretation is that she might be held responsible for what the management team admitted will be a slower turnaround than they originally thought,” Ju said.

At any rate, Ms Norrington didn’t seem to me to be enhancing ebay’s prestige too much. I feel, she shall be remembered by users chiefly for her misconduct; the epic shoes and honesty fail, and repeated disregard for the very policies she created and oversaw, as well as for her potty-mouth.

I’m really only left wondering who is next?

Oh the Horror!

Chop! Chop!