Too late the hero. Lithium time space fail comedy! Call Girls available/optionalI’m not sure whether this might have anything to do with a tear in the time-space continuum? (perhaps caused by Paypal’s Intergalactic Space payments publicity stunt? [a symptom of corporate demise, stage iv])

Or perhaps spaced-out personnel? Or just plain old lack of [purported] expertise in their field? But we sure can’t let this go by without  criticism.


Danger Will Robinson! Ebay not safe for man nor beast!
Updated 08-01-2013 – See below

Heads up!

It seems that the ebaY community forums are under a spam attack, and their new forum moderation / social media service Lithium is asleep at the wheel! Same ol’ same ol! Who could imagine?

Here’s a look at the …




In case you haven’t heard the news, LiveWorld is expected to end it’s contract with ebaY on June 30,2013. No word yet what the fate of the forums/community will be.

Score another extra large fail for sleazebay, preypal, and their paid undercover liar/ moderation/censorship service, commonly known as lieworld.

Posts containing live links to obvious phake or phishing pages were made upon the paypal community forum at ebaY. Not only were they allowed to remain, but were ‘bumped’ — not once, but twice, by two different well-known, dutiful forum ‘helpers’ or “advisors”, in two separate thread topics. The adviser/helper in the second thread shown here didn’t make so much as a peep to warn anyone.

For obvious reasons I won’t be linking to those posts, but I have screencaptures preserving the events. (opens in new tab or window)


Here’s the second one where I caught the link properties:


It appears the website’s host has taken the dangerous site offline. At this time I get a 403 error attempting to load it. Still, no way of knowing how many victims were claimed due to lieworld’s shoddy ‘moderation’.

PayPal_ Community Help Boards_phishing_post_compositeThis type of incident has happened before. Last year a very similar thing occurred, and by golly, at least one of the very same helper/advisers kept that bumped then too. That post remained for days, but after a certain time, it was redirected to an ebaY login page. That means that anyone whom  already had their ebay and paypal logged-in got owned, (cookies stolen) while anyone without them was prompted to login, (and have password stolen) or was unable to see (and document) the scam. This type of thing adds heavily to the notion that ebay. paypal, and/or their moderation service have a hand in the phishing.  That telling event was fully documented at a now defunct ebay/paypal awareness site, also reported on the CAPP News forum.  I still have this remnant of that post etc.

Going back even a little further, I made a video which showed similar, with a nasty twist in the code used.

What makes all this extra, extra sleazy, when need be, such as facing negative news or social media attention, or when obvious SEC fraud is being discussed or uncovered, ebay/paypal/lieworld can move to delete, censor, cover-up things at blinding speed!

The overriding point: ebay and paypal are not safe! Avoid it/them at all costs! Their forums are a carnival sideshow dungheap.

These people are not professional. They are dishonest. They have their priorities all wrong. They do not care about you or anything other than their share price, which they will go to any length to protect. If that means breaking the law, being extra sleazy, cheating and/abusing you, or through incompetence or lack of concern, expose you to undue risks, so be it! If you get your ID stolen, hacked, have your bank account drained or whatever, they will blame you! That’s been observed and documented so many times we can’t recall them all.

I’ll leave you with a prime example just how quickly they respond/moderate when it means something important to them.