ebay_brains_for_sale_belie_public_relations and_thinking_day_validityUpdated: Now with the original auction listing photos. See below.

It’s impossible to let this go by without some sarcastic mention. Once again, ebay reality surpasses the Twilight Zone.

It seems that ebay’s purported thousands of staff policing the site and use of the latest technology didn’t catch it. The sale was successful. The buyer, who reportedly likes to collect ‘odd’ things,  paid for and received his precious brains.

Here’s an ended ebaY listing very likely to be one of the brains sold. Click the thumbnail for a larger view in new tab or window.

The only zombies or truly brain-dead  involved seem to be … (more…)

image by dailymail.co.uk: ebaY auction listing for Auschwitz Jewish concentration camp uniformEbay is facing harsh criticism, and rightfully so after being caught by reporters at dailymail.co.uk, (more…)